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Saints MC Raft Race/Boonie Bike Race-Brownsboro,Al.

Written by  August 1, 2020

       (Article Collaboration By: Lynn Lilly & Michael Thomas Hodge, Photos, courtesy of the Saints)

  Everyone has been anxious to get out and about and do some really fun stuff, and what better really fun stuff is there in this heat than a Raft Race, you're outside, plenty of space around you and WATER to float in to cool off!

  This event has been taking place on the river in memory of one of the fallen Saints brother, "LL" for 21 years now and it's definitely something that most of the bikers around northern Alabama look forward to every year. People come on Friday and just camp out and make a full weekend getaway out of it.


   This year, organizer, Stanky Steinke, planned a Mini Bike Race as well, which was nothing short of hilarious to watch! 

We talked one of the Saint brothers into writing a short piece for us, giving us some insight to his take on the weekend:

   "It was a beautiful day, in the High 80s to low 90s, in the countryside with the occasional fly over by a crop duster. Everyone is enjoying the shade with a cold drink in hand, telling stories from the old days. Children and their parents were out enjoying the nice cool water of the Flint River as the day slowly got hotter.

   Motorcycles slowly poured into the clubhouse, lining the gravel driveway. Clubs such as: Southern Brotherhood RC, Tribe of Judah MC, Outcast MC, Veterans of America RC, Fugarwe Tribe MC, Iron Coffins MC, and Boozefighters MC and all chapters of Saints MC. Everyone started testing out their mini bikes around the track, to get a feel for it. The raft race was just started, but would take approximately 2 hours before we saw them.

  Slowly everyone floated down the river and Christopher Litteral from Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers and children took first place. There were many other people out enjoying the river on Kayaks throughout the day. With the occasional accident of someone flipping a kayak or running into the river bank, it was a good ole time.

  There was a lot of conversation between everyone there scattered throughout the clubhouse and the property as everyone talked about charity rides and rides out of state. There was laughter everywhere as everyone prepared for the mini bike races.

   Rex's BBQ Catering was serving up some awesome food on the smoker and had a line all the way around. Personally I got the Brisket sandwich and could have not chosen better because he hooked me up and it was to die for.

  The craziness was just getting started at the mini bike track, as everyone piled in for some fun before the races. Two brothers in Saints MC decided to make things a little interesting and jumped on a push mower and barreled around the track, sadly before I could get out my phone to take a picture of it. The mayhem started with a brother in Saints MC taking the first spill on the back corner with the only bike that had no brakes. The second was a patch holder for Boozefighters MC, and that happened just after the first corner, I'm guessing the seat came off right after the turn. A patch holder for Outcast accidentally ran to him but everyone laughed it off and continued on as they repaired the seat. The race eventually got started for the mini bikes as all the brothers winded around the track. Everyone was having fun occasionally blocking each other from passing or posing for photos as they went around the track. Boozefighters MC took first place followed closely by "504" of Outcast MC Alabama. They celebrated Indy style at the end. The next race was very competitive between my brother Stanky, Saints MC, HotRod_OG, and The Green Lady, on Maddog bikes. Stanky was behind half the race, but regained momentum and took the win after they battled it out in the last corner.

  After the races everyone laughed it up and joked around about different things they could do with the mini bikes. At the end of the day everyone had a great day of brotherhood and came together to have some fun. This was the Saints MC 21st LL Memorial Raft Race and it was a great time.

Sponsors for the Event:-Stanky Leg Racing Rex's BBQ Catering, Law Tigers Motorcycle LawyersRocket Harley-Davidson, The Green Lady"

Michael Thomas Hodge


Congratulations to Hawk and the Boozefighters MC Huntsville for taking home first place in the "Boonie Bike" Race. 

Team Law Tigers was able to put together a first place finish in the River raft race and a second in the "Boonie Bike" race

It's a good thing they got all this in on Saturday, because come Sunday, everything was pretty much a wash out due to rain! But that's ok, they got a whole weekends worth of fun packed into one day.


The 22nd Annual "LL" Memorial Raft Race will be held the weekend after the 4th of July in 2021, so put that in your calendar and save the date!

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