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Motorcycle Club Sunday - Honea Path, South Carolina

Written by  February 28, 2015

This year's Motorcycle Club Sunday was held on January 24, 2015 at the Tri-City Shrine Club Building in Honea Path, South Carolina. I’d always missed this event for some reason or another, but this year a friend sent me a flyer and told me I should go. After reading the flyer, I took Darlene Sherfield’s advice and put the event on my calendar.

The morning of January 24th, I headed out to Honea Path, South Carolina to cover the event. It was a good thing I got on the road early to the Shrine Club, because when I was within seven miles of Honea Path my GPS went haywire for some reason.The little dot on my GPS started moving five miles east of the road I was traveling on, and the strange thing about it was that I wasn’t even moving. I was familiar with the road that lead to Peach Orchard Road, so I made my way in that direction. When I arrived on Peach Orchard Road I couldn’t find a church, a building, or see any motorcycles. At that point I couldn’t get in contact with anyone, so I decided to go back to Honea Path to find someone who could tell me how to find the event. When I was going through town I saw a group of motorcycles parked on side of the road. I stopped and asked them if they were going to the Shrine Club. To my luck, only one of the five knew where they were headed. I was in a hurry to get to my destination, and after getting directions, I headed out in the direction I thought he was pointing. When I saw a group of bikers going in the opposite direction I decide to follow them, but by the time I turned around, everyone was gone; even the bikers I first met. Making a long story short, I finally stumbled upon the place after riding through the woods. At the end of the road I saw a sign pointing toward Honea Path so I went back to town.

I was afraid I wouldn’t find the Shrine Club building in time, but then a building came into view and the motorcycles caught my attention. I made a U-turn and turned left into the driveway where there was a large group of motorcycles parked to the right of the building. As soon as I parked, I pulled my camera out and started taking photos.

Over the past several years, I’ve never seen this many motorcycles at a church service. There were around 75 motorcycles, with their riders standing around their bikes talking. There had to be over 150 bikers here already. I then made my way into the building, and when I walked in the door, I noticed the tables were setup and figured they must be serving food that day.

Over the past few years I have been hearing some talk of churches that was serving beer and wine at biker Sunday in the hope it would draw in more bikers. This seemed strange to me to hear that the church was serving alcohol beverages at their meeting. When I heard Pastor Wood announce they had beer and wine to go along with the Low Country Boil, I started to pay attention. Pastor Wood told everyone that he was going to take everyone’s advice about having beer and wine to go along with the meal. He then sat a bottle of Root Beer and a bottle of Cheer-Wine up on the pulpit. The pastor went on to say that the beer and wine will be chilling in the kitchen. Then I knew I had been had by the preacher.

During the service, the music was performed by the Ross & Eighty-Three band. When Pastor Wood’s daughter Fran Pettit came on stage, she told everyone this was the first time she had sung in front of an audience. The band was made up of Ross, Fran. Preston Pettit, and Drummer Chad.

When the sermon was over, it was time to eat. In the kitchen there was all kind of desserts from pies to cakes. The best thing of all was that all the desserts was homemade by the ladies of the church. I was getting in position to take photos of the bikers coming in the other door to make themselves a plate, when all of a sudden I found myself at the head of the line. Well, what else I could do, so I fixed myself a plate and ate. I was wondering who cooked this great tasting Low Country Boil, until later, when I spoke with Pastor Byron Wood. He told me TOJ MM Mike Cummings of Ware Shoals cooked the Low Country Boil.

Pastor Byron Wood is also the Pastor Regional President N&SC TOJ MM. He lives in Ware Shoals, South Carolina, and his Church is in Ware Shoal, South Carolina. Pastor Wood studied at Faith Bible Institute in Greenville, South Carolina SC and Sarah, his wife of 53 years helps him with his ministry.

This Motorcycle Club Sunday was not like any meeting I’ve ever attended with the CMA or Bikers for Christ. In my opinion, it was a good thing to see Pastor Wood and his church reaching out to the motorcycle clubs of the area. This Sunday turned out to be the best day of my life for attending a church service. I got to meet Pastor Byron Wood of the Holiday Church, and this was the most awesome part of my day. I’m not even going to count finding the wrong end of Peach Orchard Road. Later that day I discovered the road ran from a few miles on the west side of Honea Path to three miles on the east side of Honea path. The second best thing of the day is that I got to meet some old friends, and hopefully made a few new friends. The noon meal was different from what I had been having at other motorcycle events, such as hotdogs and hamburgers. I can say that Mike made some of best Low Country Boil that I’d had in a long time. I’m looking forward to returning to this event next year.