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Does Riding Make Women Happier?

Written by  April 1, 2014

Do you know any miserable women riders? Probably not. Recent studies have shown that women who ride motorcycles are happier than women who don’t.

The study commissioned by Harley-Davidson and conducted by Kelton, involved 1,013 women who ride and 1,016 non-riders. Over half the respondents indicated the motorcycle as a key source of happiness, with about 74% claiming their lives had improved after they began riding.


Sixty per cent of the riders communicate better with their significant others compared with 38% of the non-riders and 51% of riders reported better physical intimacy compared with 35% of non-riders.

Other findings of the study: 37% riders always feel happy compared to 16% of non-riders. Twenty seven percent of the riders say they always feel sexy while only 7% of non-riders do. Thirty five percent of riders always feel confident compared to 18% of non-riders who do.

Surprised? I didn’t think so.



Other April Tidbits

Lady Road Dog, aka Joan Krenning, CEO of DesignWraps Brands is proud to announce the first all woman’s summit for women riders on Friday, May 2 - Sunday May 4, 2014. I previously highlighted Joan’s Journey a year ago here at Cycle Connections.

The Steel Horse Summit, taking place at the Sheraton Denver South, is a three-day event specifically designed to broaden the skills, knowledge and experiences of women motorcycle riders across the globe. Speakers, business women, manufacturers and designers will all come together to help give women riders a voice and allow them to connect in a new and unique way.

The documentary, “Driven to Ride”, explores the spirit of women riders and will be shown at the Summit.

For more information, including rates at the Sheraton Denver South and registration, visit Steel Horse Sisterhood’s website.