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Inspiring Women: Anna Mae Diehl, the 81-Year-Old First Time Rider

Written by  October 1, 2013

I had put announcements on women riders’ Facebook pages to tell me their stories as to why they started riding in later years. Not one response. I would hope it is because they were too busy riding to see the requests, but the cynic in me says they just did not want to share. Too bad. The number of women riders has grown faster than any other demographic in the past four years. I was sure there would be some inspiring tales out there as to why. I am not giving up and hope some women will want to share their stories with us all.

One inspiring story that I found on my own has to do with an 81-year old woman in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, who had a lifelong dream to ride on the back of a Harley. She got a little more than she wished for. Area MCs got together and greeted Anna Mae Diehl at Wellington Place assisted living facility with a dozen bikes and her own riding gear.

The Blue Knights motorcycle club teamed up with the Natchez Trace Harley Hog chapter and Christian Motorcycle Association to make Miss Mae’s lifelong dream come true.

Anna Mae was given her own leather vest and a helmet with “Born to Ride” on it. She may have been born to ride; it only took 81 years to actually get to do it. “Wish of a Lifetime” organization helped to get Anna Mae’s dream become reality. Their first stop was to visit her brother in a nearby nursing home.