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Written by  August 31, 2009

It is always nice to hear from readers, and I got a couple of e-mails in July from two book authors. One, Christina Shook, has published a very nice “coffee table” book entitled Chicks on Bikes and was gracious enough to send me a manuscript of it. Christina is a professional photographer and a rider who wanted to cast aside the stereotypes of women who ride. The result is this 156-page compilation of biographies, essays, and portraits of real women riders from all walks of life. If you are looking for a 20-something buxom girl in a bikini stretched out across a superbike, this is not the place to look. Christina pairs short essays with intimate portraits of women with their bikes or working on them. They are moms, mechanics, “professional” women and free spirits in addition to professional motorcycle racers. It is nicely put together and the kind of book that you don’t have to read in one sitting, but you could. My only nit, small as it is, is that the biographies read basically the same: the woman profiled tried riding at a young age, loved the freedom and the speed and now rides all the time. But for those that still think they are looked upon as an oddity because they ride, this is the book to have. The book was released on August 20. To check it out, visit www.chicksonbikes.us


My cast came off on August 17, replaced by a “stirrup cast,” a much more comfortable and much smaller apparatus to keep the ankle supported. When the cast, a 10-pound monstrosity of a boot with several Velcro straps and metal bars on its sides, was removed, it felt like they had removed my leg. Soon, my foot, apparently thrilled to be free, swelled to twice its size, making it look like it belonged on a giant baby. The skin was so tight and dry that my toes wouldn’t uncurl. Soon after I got home, I soaked the foot in warm water and glycerin and rubbed, rubbed, rubbed all that dry crud off, slathered on some lotion and sighed. The 44 days went slow day by day, but in total, went pretty fast. I can’t wait to get riding again! The doctor did not recommend therapy, which saves me a bundle of money. Walking, stretching, and taking care of me are the only therapy needed. While the spouse is not thrilled about the idea, I know that at some point I will again attempt to ride, but then it will be with an MSF instructor. While Don and I did almost everything by the book and he has over eighteen years and 80,000 miles of riding to boast of, we both now know that there’s a reason these classes exist. Mea Culpa.


Mark your calendars! Sons of Anarchy returns on Tuesday, September 8 on FX. While my initial review last summer was not one of total praise, I got hooked. I just wish they didn’t wait 10 months to bring it back.

By Louise Reeves