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Behind the Scenes with Rebekah

May 31, 2009
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Our June 2009 cover model is Rebekah from Kansas City, Kansas. Rebekah was one of the top three finalists in our Cycle Connections Cover Model Search that was held at Harley Hotrods Bar & Grill in Blue Springs, Missouri. She is an administrative assistant and a promotional model. Rebekah's ambitions and goals are for her to remain a good wholesome person in a somewhat tainted world, and to raise her son to be a good Christian man. She is also striving to pay off her unsecured debt so she can purchase a lake house for her and her son. Rebekah has an unbridled desire to live life to the fullest and to give selflessly to others.

When it comes to hobbies, Rebekah told us 'I LOVE to camp, boat, fish, BBQ, dance with my girls at a cool club, sing my heart out at a fun karaoke bar, cook and throw dinner parties for my friends, lift weights, run, love on my son and spend time with my family and closest friends.'

When asked what turns her on, Rebekah said 'God fearing men! Guys that are good fathers to their children, men that smell really good, lingerie, toys, intelligence and humor in people. I LOVE to be around people that affect my child and me in a positive way!' Turnoffs include players, cheaters, liars, laziness, trash talkers, gossipers and men that don’t help take care of their kids. Guys that don’t believe in good old fashion courting and sleep around with multiple women is also a turnoff. She also admits she's a sucker for guys that make her and her son laugh.

Rebekah describes her personality as 'Very ambitious, stubborn, determined, loving and nurturing; however, I have been told that most people would rather have me as a friend then an enemy. My temper rarely comes out, but when it does it’s not good!'

When asked about her best attribute, Rebekah said 'I'm told that my best attribute is my sense of humor, my eyes, my smile, and most importantly, people comment a lot on my morals and my determination at succeeding and being a good mother to my son.'

We also asked Rebekah to share with us some of her favorite things:

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite food: Steak, shrimp, pasta, Mexican, Italian, etc. etc. I just LOVE to eat!

Favorite restaurant: Outback Steakhouse and Gojo Japanese Steak House.

Favorite TV show: Law and Order, Forensic Files, American Justice, and Nancy Grace.

Favorite movie: Office Space is hilarious. I HATE it when people steal my stapler!!!

Favorite band/artist: I LOVE music. There are too many artists to name, I love most R&B, Rap, Rock, Country, Techno, and I especially love all that old “Love making music” like Jodeci, Shai, Boyz II Men, Tevin Cambell, and Bryan McKnight….LOVE THAT STUFF!

Favorite song: This changes quite a bit depending on my mood, but at the moment it's Leanne Rhimes' What I Cannot Change.
Favorite pet: I have a cat named Princess that I'm keeping for my sister until she moves to an apartment that allows animals.

Do you ride motorcycles? Of course!

Do you own your own bike? No. I can hardly ride a bicycle, let alone ride an actual scooter or motorcycle. Gravel and pavement hurt quite a bit when you fall off those things!

How long have you been riding on motorcycles? It's been over three years now.

What was your first bike? It was probably a tricycle. =)

How many bikes do you currently own? I have one exercise bike. =)

What is your dream bike? A Honda Fury chopper of course! =)

What is your most memorable riding experience? Riding in a local poker run. One of the gals riding next to us kept flashing her breasts and was trying to get me to do it back. It was pretty funny!

What is your least memorable riding experience? I was riding with a guy that all of a sudden thought it would be funny to race other bikers and rode almost 100 mph on a busy street. THAT scared the HELL outta me and I didn’t get back on a bike for years after that. I may have wet my pants. I can’t remember!

To what motorcycle clubs or organizations do you belong? Biker or Not is a REALLY fun online site. I also like going to some biker bars. People there are just cool and HUMAN. I can’t stand SNOBS! I’d rather put on my bandana and party it up at a local biker bar than end up at some club where girls are “snubbing” you because you don’t own a “Coach Bag” wear “Gucci” or “Prada!”

Which motorcycle rallies and events have you attended? I don’t get out much. I work A LOT and have my son, but Harley Hotrods ROCKS. KC’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill is pretty fun sometimes, as is Big D’s on the Hill. There is also an awesome biker bar in Gardner where I actually won a dance-off

When asked about tattoos, Rebekah told us 'Nope, I don't have any tattoos; however I have one navel piercing and that’s it.

Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself? 'Both! It’s peaceful and relaxing by yourself; but it's also exciting to ride with a group.'

Who are some of your closest riding buddies? I don’t hang out with the same group of people I used to. It’s a new summer so we’ll see whom I end up riding with this year. =)

Other facts or topics of interests you would like to share with our readers: Thank you Cycle Connections for the opportunity to participate in this cover shoot as well as the contest in which I took second place at Harley Hotrods. I don’t think I have met a “COOLER” group of people. Everyone was great! I can’t wait to see everyone at the bike shows and other events we’ll have this summer! I’m looking forward to it. Have a great summer and “Ride on!”

Rebekah is now an official Cycle Connections Girl and was a pleasure to work with at her photo shoot. Make sure to stop by our booth and meet her at some of our upcoming events!

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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