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Behind the Scenes with Malissha

December 31, 2008
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Our January 2009 cover model is Malissha from Overland Park, Kansas. She is a professional model and the Executive Director of M lala Model Management. Her ambitions include the expansion of her modeling company across the US. Malissha's hobbies include painting, writing, riding, and shoe shopping.

When asked about turn-ons, Malissha said 'Stunt bike riders, tattoo's, and a guy with a brain who buys me shoes. LOL!' In regards to turn offs, she said 'People who are rude, and liars!' Malissha also told us that she's a sucker for shoes and cheesecake. When asked to describe her personality, she said 'Freespirited, motivated, and ambitious, courageous.'

Malissha told us she likes to ride motorcycles every chance she gets and has been riding since the age of 16. When asked about her most memorable riding experience she said 'My first photo shoot for Harley-Davidson. The guy with the bike gave me a ride all over downtown St. Louis in rush hour traffic, weaving in and out of traffic! It was hot!' On the flip-side, she told us her least memorable riding experience was when she saw a guy tear off his entire calf muscle while trying to do a wheelie.

Malissha's favorite bike night location is Angel's Rock Bar in the new Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City. When asked if she has any tattoos, she said 'I have three, and if I told you, looking wouldn't be as fun! LOL! OK…I have a butterfly and two lizards.'

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Ernie Powell with Ernie Powell Artography - (316) 644-3840.

Models provided by Malissha with M LaLa Model Management - (913) 232-3131.

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