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Behind the Scenes with Desire'

October 31, 2008
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Our November 2008 cover model is Desire' from Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently a student and her hobbies include rock climbing and tennis. Desire's ambitions include visiting some of the Eight Wonders of the World such as Niagara falls, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore.

When it comes to turn-ons Desire' told us 'I love good communication skills, positive energy, a nice body, and compliments.' Turn-offs include a bad sense of humor, boring conversation, and negative energy. Desire' also admitted she's a sucker for candy, puppies, babies, and nice cars. Desire' describes her personality as funny, spontaneous, outgoing, and bossy, and she also loves to discuss cars and philosophy.

When asked if she enjoys riding motorcycles, Desire' said 'I have ridden even though I don't own a bike; however, one day I definitely plan on purchasing more than one. I rode on my first bike when I was 13-years-old. I was born in Vietnam and I have gone there on vacation. The traffic in Vietnam is all mostly motorcycles and bicycles. Desire' told us her brother and uncle owns three motorcycles and she has a few Suzuki models picked out that she'd like to buy so she can race around town with her friends. She also told us she would someday like to have a Harley so she can join some of the Harley groups. Desire' told us her closest riding buddy is her aunt.

Desire' most memorable riding experience was riding by the waterfalls near her home in Vietnam, where the scenery is remarkable. Desire' also went on to tell us that her least memorable riding experience was when she once rode her motorcycle into a bush; enough said. Ha!
As far as tattoos go, Desire' told us she has one tattoo on her back, which means 'Play the Game' in regards to life and her philosophy. She told us she would also like to get a motorcycle tattoo really soon.

Special thanks to Steve Okenfuss with Reno's Yamaha Aprilia KC for allowing us to shoot their Can-Am Spyder for our November 2008 cover.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Ernie Powell with Ernie Powell Artography - (316) 644-3840.

Models provided by Malissha with M LaLa Model Management - (913) 232-3131.

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