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Behind the Scenes with Genevieve

September 30, 2008
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Genevieve from Kansas City, Missouri is our October 2008 cover model. She is currently a student, and her ambition is to become a literature professor, and to one day write a great novel. She loves going to school, and her hobbies include music and dance, but her favorite thing to do is play with her toy poodle Kaylie.
Genevieve told us 'I love a man who has a passion for something; especially if it’s me. Good shoes are a must, along with just a hint of cologne, because too much burns my eyes.' She also went on to tell us servers and bartenders turn her off; however, she's a sucker for authority figures. Genevieve describes her personality as quiet, but intensely pleasant. 'I may just be the nicest person you’ve ever met!'
When asked about her tattoos, she told us 'I’ve got four tattoos, but the fourth one covers up the third one, so really I guess I’ve got three. I’ve got my astrological symbols (you have more than one) on the insides of my ankles, and a black heart on my left hip. The heart is covering something, and that's my favorite.'
I also wanted to mention that Juliet, our April 2008 cover model is Genevieve's sister, who we got to pose on the Buell with her for a couple sister and sister shots, which you can check out below.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Paul 'Luc Chokota with Reflections by Paul Photography and Brett Pruitt of East Market Studios.

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