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Behind the Scenes with Aly

December 31, 2007
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Our January 2008 cover model is Aly from Merriam, Kansas. Aside from modeling, she works at Kohl's at night and spends her time babysitting during the day. When asked about her ambitions, she told us she wants to be a biker model and graduate from college.

When it comes to hobbies, Aly told us she enjoys riding on motorcycles, hanging out, and relaxing. When asked about turn-ons, she said 'My Ol' Man Jake. I love him!' On the flip-side, Aly told us fake people are a big turn off for her. Aly admits that she's a sucker for her step-kids and describes her personality as 'True, fun, and sometimes hard to handle.'

Aly enjoys riding on the back of motorcycles, and although she doesn't have her own bike yet, she hopes to one day. When asked what kind of bike she would want, she said 'My dream bike would be a chopper with a fat tire, because they look good.'

When asked about her most memorable riding experience, she told us 'It was when my dad, me, my mom, and a few of my dad's cousins and friends all went on a bike ride one day out to the lake. It was a really nice day and the weather was perfect for riding. After a long day we were on our way back and my dad's cousin was leading us home. Well, somehow we took a wrong turn and we were suppose to be headed to Farley, Missouri and instead ended up right on the border of Nebraska! Let's just say it was a long ways home after that.'

I then asked Aly to tell us about her tattoos and to tell us which is her favorite. 'I have six tattoos. A sacred heart with wings on my upper back, a tribal sign on my lower back, a sacred heart on one wrist and the word Faith on the other, a really pretty Koi Fish with waves and flowers on my upper-right arm, and a black widow spider on my ankle. My favorite tattoo is all of them because they all mean something to me.' When asked who here favorite tattoo artist was, she didn't hesitate to tell us 'Big Mike at Savages Tattoos. He is really nice, has a light hand, and makes the experience of getting a tattoo easy and enjoyable.'

I asked Aly if she preferred riding alone or in a group and she said 'A group, because I love the way a bunch of bikes sound and how loud they are!' When asked who some of her closest riding buddies were, Aly said 'My dad, mom, my ol' man and my family in Farley.

I then asked Aly, just for fun, who was the best rider in her group, to which she said 'My dad, because he used to be a dirt bike racer in Cali so he has had a lot of experience riding in different conditions.' On the flip-side, I then had to ask her who was the worst rider in her group and she said 'My mom. She has laid over her bike once or twice. I love you mom!'

I asked Aly if there was anything else she would like to share with our readers and she said 'Well, I love bikes, and I always have and always will! I also love my family and my ol' man Jake B!'

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363.

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