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Behind the Scenes with Alaina

September 30, 2006
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Alaina from Olathe, Kansas is our October 2006 cover model. Along with being a model, she is a waitress at The Other Place Sports Bar and Pizzeria in Olathe and a track official at Saddler’s Indoor Racing, Inc.

Her ambition is to be a good student and excel in all her activities. Alaina also told us: “My business administration degree is a big motivation and my future is important with success and dreams. Modeling is also a job opportunity for me and knowing this is a path I may be able to take, I find myself trying to keep in a lot better shape than your typical college student.”

When asked about her hobbies, Alaina stated, “I love to sit in a big chair with a cozy blanket and read a good book. Studies are interesting to me because I enjoy the challenge. I recently started racing quads and my fiancé and I ride a 2006 LT-R 450 and a 500 Quadzilla.”

When asked what turns her on, Alaina said “The first thing I notice about someone is how they carry themselves. If they walk confident, then I am interested, wondering what makes them how they are. Watching their interactions with others is also interesting and tells a lot about their personality and who they are. Alaina also admits she is a sucker for candy. “I love to have snacks and to munch on unhealthy food. Then I feel guilty so I work out extra the next day.”

As far as turnoffs go, Alaina stated “I hate bad teeth and bad breath. That is one thing I can’t stand and is just disgusting.”

Alaina describes her personality as energetic, fun, spontaneous, carefree, yet responsible, outgoing and a hard worker. She said “Other than that, you would have to ask my friends.”

When asked if she rides, Alaina told us “We currently have three quads and I am in the process of getting my own bike. I will hopefully have it next summer. I am going to be getting a 2007 GSX-R 600, which is blue and black.”

When asked how long she has been riding, Alaina said “I have only been riding quads since January and on my first ride I was already jumping and racing.”

We asked about her favorite bike night location she said “I would have to say The Other Place since I work there. Especially when I was outside in a bikini cocktailing.”

When asked about tattoos, Alaina told us “I have one tattoo, which is on my lower stomach. I want many more, but modeling can be restrictive as far as tattoos go.”

When asked if there was anything else she would like to share with our readers, Alaina told us “An interesting fact…I have three feet of leg (which would account for her height). I grew up on a farm and was a big tomboy when I was little. I also know how to work on cars, thanks to my brother, and I love getting greasy!”

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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