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Behind the Scenes with Carey

June 30, 2006
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Our July 2006 cover model is Carey from Overland Park, Kansas. She is a waitress at FUEL American Made Bar & Grill in Overland Park, Kansas; however, for this photo shoot we transformed her into a dominatrix to tie in with this month’s cover bike appropriately named the Dominatrix Bike by its creator, Kim Suter.

Carey's ambitions are to stay happy with life, get a college degree and find a man of her dreams. Carey enjoys wakeboarding, volleyball working out, laughing being with friends and going out.

When asked what turns her on, she said “I like a guy who knows what he wants, someone who enjoys the small things in life, has a strong faith and doesn’t act like someone he isn’t.” Carey also went on to say, 'The show only goes so far with me…if you’ve seen things through my eyes. You guys that play girls…it takes a real man to be with one woman. Intrigue me…I can’t stand stupid people. A guy who’s willing to compromise with my opinions. Intelligence is sexy so flaunt it!” Carey also admits she’s a sucker for confident guys who can make her laugh and smile.

Carey describers her personality as strong willed and highly motivated. She admits “I’m the sweetest girl in the world but if you rub me the wrong way I can be a bitch! I have sharp thoughts and love attention. I’m one of the strongest people mentally you’ll ever meet. I’ve been through a lot and it’s made me the person I am today.”

She’s always up for a good party and a few drinks. She’s beautiful physically and mentally with a firm standpoint and is an insomniac. She’s feminine but loves boxing, basketball, beer and hockey. She also is very choosy; especially in relationships and doesn’t really care what others think. She admits to being very opinionated with strong clairvoyance, loves to travel, is hardworking, high spirited and spontaneous.

Carey doesn’t have her own bike yet but hopes to someday, so for now said told me “I ride bitch!” Her dream bike is the custom FUEL bike that is owned by her employer. She really enjoys riding on back country roads and late at night. She also enjoys raising money for charities through events such as the Kodiak Run. Her closest riding buddies are Rich May and the guests at FUEL.
Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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