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Behind the Scenes with Darcy

May 31, 2006
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Meet Darcy, our June 2006 cover model. She is from Oak Grove, Missouri and is a secretary. When Darcy isn’t working she enjoys cooking, cleaning working out and playing outside. As a matter of fact, she likes anything outdoors.

When asked about her ambitions in life, Darcy said she wants to make her parents proud because they have worked their butts off for her and she thinks they deserve to see their hard work pay off.

When asked what turns her on, Darcy told us she likes soft kisses, laughter, secret rendezvous that only you and your significant other know about. She also loves romance and admits she’s a girly-girl who wants a fairy tale life.

When it comes to turnoffs, people with no manners ranks high on her list, as does burping, farting and taking the last of something without offering to share. Darcy also wants all guys to know that famous luggi noise all men make is a sure way to test a girl’s gag reflex!

She's admits she’s a sucker for one person in particular and is kind of a sucker for guys with cute butts and smiles that light up a room!

We asked Darcy to describe her personality and she said, “Ooh…put a girl on the spot! I would have to say I am outgoing, funny, sarcastic…wait, I am describing myself, so…I am the girl of your dreams! I am very obedient, I never complain and I am funny and quiet!”

When asked if she rides, Darcy said “Yes, or missionary (hee, hee, hee). Although Darcy doesn’t ride her own bike, she would some day like a custom chopper made for her by Orange County Choppers.

Darcy said her most memorable riding experience was a time she was riding in the summertime at night with a big group of people. “There is just something about the warm wind rushing over your face and body that is so exhilarating you find yourself craving it! There are just some things that stick with you and nothing else can give you quite the same feeling.” She prefers riding in a group but feels there are times when you have to be alone to clear all the chaos from your mind.

When asked about her least memorable ride she said she hates riding with idiots. “I was riding two-up going really fast when this idiot I was riding with decided to do wheelies! I think you have to really trust someone for that and I think even then it would still scare the hell out of me!”

Paddy O’Quigley’s is her favorite bike night location because “It looked like I had a good time in the pictures! I’m just kidding! There is always a good fun crowd there!”

When asked about tattoos, Darcy told us she has a sunshine tattoo on the lower left side of her back because that is her nickname due to the fact that everyone has a good time when they are around her, which I believe.

Interview by Mike Schweder.

Photos by Steve Settle of Subtle Imagery (816) 824-0185.

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