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Behind the Scenes with Rachael

January 31, 2006
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Our February 2006 cover model is Rachael from Kansas City, Missouri. She loves motorcycles and is a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) member. Her hobbies include drawing, scrap booking and flirting. I’m not sure flirting is a hobby, but hey…if it’s something you enjoy, I say go for it!

Rachael loves corn dogs and finds sweet and thoughtful people a real turn-on. She enjoys having her ears kissed and is a sucker for a good back massage. Turnoffs include liars, showoffs and people who don’t take care of themselves.

When asked about her ambitions, we expected something glamorous, such as a super model or actress, but Rachael said she would some day like to be a stay-at-home mom.

Her favorite motorcycle rallies and events include the ABATE of Kansas Annual Labor Day Rally, Toys for Tots, Bikers for Babies, Mike Bergen’s Night Train Run, and Ride for Honor.

Rachael’s favorite bike night is FUEL because she runs into a lot of people she knows there and she loves it when the girls dance on the bar.

When asked about tattoos, Rachael said she doesn’t have any, but admitted she does have eight piercings. She didn’t elaborate on where they were all located so we’ll leave that up to our imagination.

Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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