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Behind the Scenes with Ginny

September 30, 2005
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Our October 2005 cover model is Ginny from Kansas City, Missouri. I was first introduced to Ginny by Tim Champagne, one of our Marketing Specialists. Tim brought Ginny to the Hawg Wyld Cycles 5th Annual Birthday Bash, Block Party and BBQ Contest in Lee's Summit, Missouri, and when one of our models called and said that she was unable to make it, I handed Ginny a Cycle Connections T-shirt and turned her loose.

She was an instant hit with our readers who stopped by the booth to say hi and several of them asked when they could expect to see Ginny on one of our upcoming covers. Since we already had a model lined up for our October cover, I promised them it would be real soon. Little did we know it would be sooner than expected.

The very next day as we were preparing for our October cover page photo shoot, the model we had lined up was unable to make it so I got on the phone and called Tim to see if Ginny would mind making her Cycle Connections debut a bit earlier than planned.

Although Ginny was shocked by the short notice, she jumped at the chance and showed up for the shoot with several pair of high heeled shoes, boots and swimsuits. We picked out a black outfit to go with Dale's orange chopper, had her slip on a pair of chaps and a leather vest provided by Moto-Gear in Kansas City, Missouri and the rest is history!

CC: Ginny, what is your occupation?
Ginny: I'm an Intake Assistant at a mental health facility.

CC: What are your ambitions?
Ginny: My biggest ambition is to always be able to help people. Helping people makes me happy, and being happy is pretty high on my list too. Good thing they coincide.

CC: Any hobbies other than motorcycling?
Ginny: I love to be creative and artsy. Scrapbooking has become a new obsession and I love to crochet. I cant live without reading and I adore true crime books or just about anything psychologically related. I also enjoy playing with my beautiful dog Gabby, which takes up a lot of my time as well.

CC: Turnons?
Ginny: Flattery will get you everywhere! I love compliments. Loud music, dancing till you sweat, kissing, thunderstorms and white wine.

CC: Turn offs?
Ginny: Bad teeth, shyness, lack of confidence, over confidence, people that stare and ignorance.

CC: What are you a sucker for?
Ginny: My one year old nephew Dakota. Nothing brings more happiness to my life or a smile to my face like that precious boy. I adore my dog when she is cuddly wants to play. I am also a sucker for leather and fast bikes.

CC: How would you describe your personality?
Ginny: LOUD! I think I am a very loud person, vocally. I am honest and to the point. A lot of people think of me as rude because when you put those two together, it can be a little overwhelming, but most people would describe me as very nice and caring. But I can be very stubborn and inpatient too.

CC: Do you ride?
Ginny: Yes, but only as a passenger. I would love to learn to ride eventually.

CC: Do you have any tattoos?
Ginny: Yes, I have two tats. One on my lower back, it is tribal fish that I designed the colors for, and one in front beneath my bikini line—it is a gold fish. The one on my back is my favorite because the colors are original and my own design.

CC: Ginny—thank you for the interview and for doing such a great job as our October cover model.

Interview and photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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