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Behind the Scenes with Jamie

January 31, 2010
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Jamie from Grain Valley, Missouri is our February 2010 cover model. Aside from modeling she is also a nursing student. Her ambitions include graduating with her Bachelors in nursing degree, volunteering in a third world country on a medical mission and working her way to Johns Hopkins, the 2nd best hospital in the world.
When it comes to hobbies, Jamie enjoys doing photo shoots, spending time with her family, and doing anything outside…in warm weather of course. We asked Jamie what turns her on, and she said, 'Money!!! Just kidding! Passion, goals, commitment and I guess looks do play a huge role.' As far as turnoffs go, she told us 'As any girl would say, never use the bathroom with the door open…Ha!'
We asked Jamie to describe her personality, and she told us 'I'm very fun, energetic, outgoing, and I'm a loving person with a huge heart.' She also told us that people think her great personality is her best attribute.
Just for fun, we asked Jamie to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: I love pink!

Favorite food: Steak and a baked potato.

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden.

Favorite actor: The one with no shirt and a nice bod.

Favorite actress: Sandra Bullock

Favorite TV shows: Law & Order and House.

Favorite movie: Pretty Women

Favorite artist or band: I like all music; anything that makes me feel like dancing!

Do you ride? Ride what? Ha! Just kidding. When the opportunity is there.

What is your dream bike? Something big, shiny and loud, because that's hot!

Do you have any tattoos? Yes. I have one tattoo on my lower back, and would love another.

Jamie; thank you for the great photo shoot and for taking the time for this interview.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photo by Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363

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