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Craig Frye’s ‘03 Ultra Craft Customs Pro Street Chopper

March 30, 2004
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Owner: Craig S Frye
City/State: Smithville, Missouri

Fabrication: Ultra Craft Customs

Year & Make: 2003 Custom

Model: Pro Street

Assembly: Reece & Heath Good of Ultra Craft Customs

Assembly Time: Eight months

Chromed by: S & H Plating

Year/Model: 2003 Rev Tech

Displacement: 100 cubic inch

Carburetor: Mikuni HSR 42mm

Air Cleaner: K&N Force Winder

Pipes: Ultra Craft Customs

Year & Model: Rev Tech Five-Speed

Shifting: Foot

Molding: Ultra Craft Customs

Painter: Brian Plihal at Wiz Bang Customs

Color/Type: Orion Silver, Viollette Pearl, and Lime Time Green/House of Color

Year/Type: FXR

Builder: Kenny Boyce

Rake: 42-degrees

Stretch: Five inches

Rear Swingarm: Kenny Boyce/Ultra Craft Customs

Bars: Ultra Craft Customs

Fenders: Ultra Craft Customs

Headlight: Drag Specialties

Taillight: Paul Yaffee

Speedometer: Dakota Digitals

Pegs: Performance Machine

Gas Tank: Independent/Ultra Craft Customs

Oil Tank: Used bagger-style transmission with oil tank in bottom

Seat: High End

Grips: Thunder Heat Performance

Type: 39mm

Extension: Four inches

Builder: Harley-Davidson legs with HHI Triple Trees & Franks Fork Tubes

Type: Arlen Ness

Size: 19 inches

Rim width: 2.15 inches

Tire: Avon

Brake: Arlen Ness

Type: Arlen Ness

Size: 17 inches

Rim width: 5.5 inches

Tire: Avon

Brake: Arlen Ness Rotor with Ultra Caliper

Other Information/Specs
Reece and Heath started with a five inch stretch Kenny Boyce frame with a 31-degree rake. The neck was then cut and raked to 42-degrees.

They fabricated the custom pipes, bars and seat pan. One of many unique features about this bike is the fake oil tank that was built to hold the battery and electronics (the actual oil tank is in the transmission).

The rear frame was completely reworked by welding the fender into the frame and moving the shock mounts and fender mounting inside the fender.

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