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November Cover Page Interview with Shane Sherman

October 31, 2004
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CC: Shane, what is your occupation?
Shane: I’m a mortgage broker.

CC: Do you have any hobbies other than motorcycling?
Shane: I enjoy offshore powerboats, hot rods and photography. I took most of these photos.

CC: Why do you ride?
Shane: It gives me the outlet I need during the busy work week. For the last two seasons I have been without a boat, so it has been my primary hobby and stress relief.

CC: How long have you been riding?
Shane: Three years.

CC: What was your first bike?
Shane: My first bike was a '01 Honda 600 CBR F4i.

CC: How many bikes have you owned?
Shane: Three. First, the Honda 600 then a '02 Honda 954 RR and now the '03 Suzuki.

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Shane: Just one with another project in the works. I am working on a new turbo bike and possibly a street bike shootout drag bike.

CC: What do you like most about your current bike?
Shane: The respect the Harley guys have given to the bike and the amount of work that went into it; not to mention low 9’s in the quarter @ 157 mph.

CC: What is your dream bike?
Shane: I don’t know if I have one dream bike because I respect them all for what they do well. If I had to pick a bike right now, I guess a custom chopper with a lot of rake and stretch. I love the sheet metal work from Ultracraft Customs in Gardner, Kansas with some Dyno Mike Wilson and Harley Dave Adams horsepower from Gail’s Harley-Davidson.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?
Shane: I have two. One was about two years ago, a friend and I took a trip to our homes on the Lake of the Ozarks and the twisties outside of Sedalia, Missouri were a blast. Then October 6th I received an invitation from Gail of Gail’s Harley-Davidson and Slacker of 99.7KY to ride along during the filming of their TV show, Open Road, which airs on Sunday nights on Metro Sports.

CC: What is your least memorable riding experience?
Shane: My first 600 I had about 300 miles on it and went into a cloverleaf doing about 15 mph and could not get the bike to lean. I decided to run off into the grass and just pull it back onto the road, but as I got closer, the ditch was a little steeper than I anticipated. I froze up and hit the front brake on the shoulder and the bike went out from under me. I landed on my feet. The bike was not so lucky.

CC: Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended and which is your favorite?
Shane: I have ridden in Gail’s Harley-Davidson 9-11 tribute ride, the March of Dimes '04 Bikers for Babies ride, the Kodiac poker run and Freedom Cycles poker run.

CC: Which is your favorite bike night location?
Shane: I like Paddy O’Quigley’s. It seems to have the best space, definitely the best parking lot burgers and a wide selection of beautiful women heading to the night club as the evening wears on. For me, it is also a 25 mile ride each way so I get a chance to stretch the legs on the bike a little.

CC: How many tattoos do you have and which is your favorite?
Shane: I have one on my left shoulder. It is definitely not my favorite. I just have not found a suitable replacement yet. DON’T EVER PUT A WOMAN’S NAME ON YOU, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU LOVE HER (But she has one also).

CC: Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
Shane: I have only been to Ted’s Tattoo on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

CC: Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself?
Shane: Group. It is easier for the other cars to see a group and my bike is pretty quiet, so when I ride with my Harley buddies, they seem to warrant the attention of the car drivers long before we get to them.

CC: Who are some of your closest riding buddies?
Shane: Gale Holsman, a 15 year friend and Dave Magstadt, another 15 year friend. I also enjoy riding with Don and Rosie Dearmore and the Sanzoterra brothers from St. Louis.

CC: Just for fun, which of your riding buddies is the best rider?
Shane: Eric Sanzoterra; without a doubt. He rides a 7 inch street slick drag bike with no wheelie bar @ 7.80 and below @ over 180 mph in the quarter.

CC: Just for fun, which or your riding buddies is the worst rider?
Shane: Chris Nuss…the guy just re-writes Murphy’s Law.

Photos by Shane Sherman

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