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Doc Lonnie Blum

Doc Lonnie Blum

The start of the riding season party in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that was founded four years ago by myself, Doc Lonnie (photographer here at Cycle Connections and leader of the MLB biker group), had its fourth edition on the weekend of April 11-13.

After years of covering other rallies and events, Donna and I decided to travel with the rest of the Cycle Connections Magazine crew to cover the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis for the first time. Although the magazine had a house rented out in the countryside, we decided to get first-hand experience and coverage of the mega campgrounds that are like their own cities during the rally. So, Donna pulled our small camp trailer while I rode the bike for our first trip to Sturgis. We set up our camp in Glencoe Camp Resort, and the famous Buffalo Chip Campground that was less than a mile down the road graciously provided me complete access for this photojournalism project. With the Full Throttle Saloon sitting halfway between these two famous campgrounds, it makes for an exciting neighborhood.

Seven years ago a group of biker friends from Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas met for a weekend of riding around Springdale, Arkansas and decided to have a bikini bike wash and a little ride-in bike show with donations to go to B.A.C.A. The best any of them can remember, they raised around 100 bucks that afternoon.

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