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The Bombshells

Written by  June 1, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve known Brookelyn for many years now, and she was also our August 2010 Cover Model. Brookelyn is also the founder and president of The Bombshells and was kind enough to provide the following information about herself and her wonderful organization.

Who are The Bombshells? Well, we are a nationwide network of models that volunteer our time to give back to our local communities. From New York to Texas and all around the Midwest, The Bombshells are eager to help! In 2009, our co-founder Caitlin and I had an epiphany; both of us having modeled since a young age developed our idea around an extremely successful marking concept that “female beauty sells.” However, our mission was to utilize those powers for charity rather than profit, and so we formed The Bombshells’ non-profit organization!

The inner working of our charity is based on the idea that our models utilize both their inner and physical beauty to encourage individuals to support or donate to a variety of charitable causes. Our hope is that our involvement and support will attract more attention for the cause at hand. However, our organization is not only helping charities; the volunteers of our organization gain a sense of empowerment and an ability to find an inner beauty that goes much deeper than their physical attributes, a win-win situation for all parties involved! Our models are available to help with bikini washes, booth staffing, and charity events, and they can be ring girls, spokesmodels, golf-caddie girls, runway models, speedway babes, promotional models, print models, and so much more! Not to mention our enormous online support network in which we are able to help promote many different charitable causes.

As a group we hosted our first organized event for a crowd of personal family and friends back in 2009 benefiting local animal rescue and support. Since that first event, The Bombshells have successfully teamed up with a variety of charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, Bikers Against Child Abuse, Pinups For Pit Bulls, Operation Ensuring Christmas for Our Troops, and many more. In addition to collaborating with these charities, our organization also hosts an annual benefit event in support of local animal rescue – Outlaws for Paws – this year on August 17 at Knuckleheads Saloon. Our annual benefits continue to be successful, and our hope is to maintain our efforts and expand our reach further every year.

Keep in mind that no member or affiliate of our organization is personally compensated in any form. These girls are the real deal, and they are in it for the good fight! Are you interested in becoming a Bombshell; is your charity interested in working with us; or maybe you’re interested in donating? Please help us help others by clicking here: http://thebombshells.org! You can also find The Bombshells on Facebook and Twitter!

With love,

Brookelyn - President/Founder