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18th Annual Mule Run - Kearney, Missouri

Written by  October 1, 2012

Although there are several great motorcycle events in the KC area each year, when it comes to good old-fashioned fun, nothing can beat a gathering of bikers in someone’s backyard, which is why the annual Mule Run that’s put on by Brother’s Word is one of my favorite local events.

I mean most people would freak out if a few hundred bikers rode into their backyard, but not Dane Robertson of Kearney, Missouri. Each September for the past 18 or so years, Dane and his brothers have set up a stage on his back deck, put up a few tents for food and t-shirt sales, pulls in a refrigerated trailer full of keg beer with taps on both sides, and then sit back and watches the bikes roll in.

Saturday, September 8, 2012 was a beautiful day for the 18th Annual Mule Run. I pulled into Dane’s backyard shortly before 3 p.m., and found a good spot to park on a grassy hill between the stage and a dunk tank. I was greeted by several friends, and noticed that the tank was already filled, and ready for some bikini-clad girls to climb in so bikers could pay a few dollars for a chance to knock the girls into the frigid water.

The place soon began filling up, as row after row of bikes parked on the hill. A hundred yards or so down the hill, a huge stack of tree limbs and stumps lay neatly stacked, ready for that night’s ceremonial bonfire.

This year’s opening ceremony started out by everyone removing their hats and paying respect as the American flag and a POW flag were marched in front of the stage. This was followed by six Combat Veteran Association members firing their rifles into the air in salute to all the veterans who serve our country. The National Anthem was then played over the sounds system.

As more and more bikes began rolling in and filling the vacant spots in the yard, the band Under the Covers took the stage, with another popular band Villains Dance scheduled for later that evening. As more and more bikes began filling up the yard, we figured we’d better get in the food line while there was still some left. The BBQ looked mouthwatering, and Dane’s staff was more than helpful. Once we’d filled our plates, we found a nice place to sit, while I made a trip to the beer trailer. Although I wasn’t able to stay as late as I’d have liked, as in the past, I had a great time.

A special thanks to Dane, Stewie, and crew for another great Mule Run!

By Mike Schweder

Mike Schweder

Editor-in-Chief - Kansas City, MO

Mike is the original founder of Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He has been riding for over 40 years, belongs to several local and national motorcycle organizations and travels to numerous rallies and events throughout the US each year. Mike has been a writer and editor for many years and has a passion for sharing his motorcycling experiences and stories with you. Contact Mike at mikes@cycleconnections.com