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2nd Annual Parrot Head Ride - Kansas City, Missouri

Written by  August 1, 2012

The 2nd Annual Parrot Head ride took place on Saturday July 7, 2012, with all proceeds benefitting the Burge Bird Rescue and Beaks N Wings Rescue. The Parrot Head Ride started and ended at One Eyed Jack’s Bar and Grill during a sultry 107 degree day in Kansas City, Missouri. Registration began at 10 a.m., and bikes pulled out around 11:30 a.m. As time arrived for kickstands up, the ride had grown to 18 bikes carrying 27 dedicated participants. 

Ride Captain Ron Croxell and Tony Casas lead the group north to the Wabash BBQ and Blues Garden Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Spencer Evans, Jason Fullenwider, and Rob Dixon performed blocking duties for the safety of the group. After arriving at Wabash BBQ, everyone enjoyed some amazing barbeque and beverages, while taking the opportunity to enjoy some air conditioning.

Off again, the group continued through the countryside to Stables Bar and Grill in Kearney, Missouri for another much needed layover to cool off and replenish our fluids. As the riders enjoyed the hospitality of Stables, our group noticed that a small dog was left in a car in the parking lot on a 107 degree day with the blazing sun. Although the repulsive owners put sun shades in the front window and left the car window’s down, 107 degree’s is too damn hot to be leaving a dog, or any animal alone in a car in that heat. So you could only imagine seeing 27 pissed off bikers attempting to find the owners of the car and dog. After individual’s from the group requested the local police be called to address the egregious crime, the owners arrived after eating and were found to be a elderly couple, and oh boy, did they get an ear full.

Feeling somewhat better regarding the dog’s safety, the group proceeded to the next stop at Bar 12 Bar and Grille in Gladstone, Missouri, which happily caters to the biker lifestyle. Fellow biker Tracie Floro Balkey is the lead bartender, and she had beverages on ice, and ready for our arrival. After another brief break from the searing heat and a chance to shoot the sh*t, the group engaged in the final leg of the ride, returning back to One Eyed Jacks.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the Burge Bird Rescue, Beaks N Wings Rescue and Brookelyn’s Bombshells. Burge Bird Rescue & Beaks N Wings Rescue had setup a small tent with an amazing array of parrots on display for all the participants to visit with. These are the birds that this charity ride was established to help, and don’t worry, because they had fans and misting machines for their comfort. The parrot rescues combined, spends $20,000-25,000 each year for vet and care. And of course, Brooklyn and her beautiful Bombshells, who are very well known in the Kansas City area as a not-for-profit charitable organization, who selflessly donates their time and money promoting events and assisting animals of all kinds, and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings that they are smoking HOT. As for today, a small donation went to the parrots, and these lovely ladies would wash your bike and pose for pictures. Of course this was a very popular portion of the event.

So as the event started winding down, Tony Casas and his volunteers corralled everyone into inside One Eyed Jack’s for shade and air-conditioning as he thanked everyone for their attendance. He then proceeded with the prizes and 50/50 raffles that were graciously donated from friends and sponsors of the Parrot Head Ride.

Tony Casas said, “Thanks again for everyone who came out and rode the ride, and for all the volunteers who helped us raise $710, and to please come out and participate next year for our 3rd Annual Parrot Head Ride, which is tentatively scheduled for June 8, 2013. Special thanks to all the sponsors who donated the wonderful gifts that we were raffled off, and huge thank you to One Eyed Jacks.”

In summary, it was one hell of a hot day, but as everyone that showed up believed, it sometimes takes sacrifice to support your beliefs. Besides the riders, this benefit would not have taken place without Brookelyn and her Bombshells, and the Burge Bird Rescue & Beaks N Wings Rescue. These three agencies are 501c Not-for -Profit Charitable Organizations, and they depend solely on the contributions of others to support their causes. The individuals listed above are truly gifts to us and our communities, and people like them make our world a better place.

By Danny Webb