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14th Annual Kearney Bike Show - Kearney, Missouri

Written by  June 1, 2012

On Sunday April 29, 2012, Freedom of Road Riders Local 29 hosted the 14th Annual Kearney Bike Show at the E. Howard Porter VFW Post 5717 in Kearney, Missouri. This bike show was dedicated to all of our lost brother and sisters, as well as the many other veterans who have served our county.

Per Rhonda Felts, President of Freedom of Road Riders Chapter 29, “Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) is the largest motorcycle rights organization in Missouri, with 2,454 members in 30 local across the state. FORR has been known as the group that wants to get rid of the helmet law in Missouri, but we’re so much more than that. We have dedicated members, like Katherine Fox, who watches what is going on at the Capital like a hawk looking for a meal. We look for legislation that could be detrimental to or target motorcyclists specifically. We have been able to get some good legislation passed over the years.

For example, in 2009 we were able to get our Comparative Fault bill passed with the help of Rep Stevenson who included it in HB481. Our current mission is to get Driver's Education back in the schools in hopes that we can influence how kids are drive around us. We need to prevent motorcycle crashes through education and motorcycle awareness, not try to make the crash safer.”


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This Sunday morning, it was raining and in the low 60s, but that didn’t stop the hard core and faithful who participated in this event. Bike Show registration was from 10 a.m.-Noon, and judging began at Noon, with the winners being announced at 1:30 p.m. due to the weather. FORR provided multiple classes for domestic and metric, from Sportster to touring, and all age periods in between. This was a rider’s choice judging show, and 18 brave individuals weathered the storm to enter their bikes, which was judge their peers. Trophies were presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class. Additional trophies were also provided for Best in Show, and Loudest Bike.

Food was provided by the amazing people at the E. Howard Porter VWF 5717 Post, at a very reasonable price. Also attending the event was Tasha representing the 3rd Annual Ride for NorthCare Hospice 2012 Dice Run. Representatives from the City Union Mission-Have a Heart for the Homeless Ride, Purgatory Tattoos, and two motorcycle specialty sales companies.

Although the turnout was not as high as was hoped for, everyone who faired the ugly weather enjoyed a good time with some really great people. I was one of the diehards who rode to the event, and I’d do it all over again. Can’t wait for the 15th annual event!

FORR Local 29 wanted to thank for all of their generous sponsors and volunteers, and give a special “Thank You” for the participants who braved the torrential rainfall to participate in the bike show.

Below are the bike show winners by category:

American Stock
1st – Mary Beth 'Peaches' Garrision 
2nd – Lee 'Jumper' Porter

American Touring
1st – Dale Perrigo
2nd – Danny Webb
3rd - Kendall Burnett

American Custom
1st – Teddy Bitner/ Jack Garrison
2nd – Larry Moore

Foreign Touring
1st – Richard Kephart
2nd – Mike Berry

Foreign Custom
1st – Scott Taylor
2nd – Shelia Fagan
3rd - Connie Kephart

Sportster Stock
1st – Steve Fagan/Bill Bob

1st – Randy 'Joker' Garrison

1st – Randy 'Joker' Garrison

Antique (1970-1987) 
1st – Jim Hodges