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1st Annual Bikers Ball – Pre-Sturgis Party

Written by  July 31, 2004

On July 10th, Clear Channel promoter Chris Fritz and local radio station 99.7 KY, with help from the Harley-Davidson Employee Riders Association (HD-ERA), put together the 1st Annual Bikers Ball at the Verizon Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The event was billed as a pre-Sturgis party, and they sure picked one “hell” of a day for the event, as temperatures soared well into the nineties and the heat index was at least one hundred plus. With shade being at a premium, it was hard to stay cool, but where there are bikini contests, cool bikes and Rock-n-Roll, you’re sure to draw a crowd.

Bands - Where else can you see ten bands for $10 or $20 the day of the show? Local boys, Missouri, Hank Rotten Jr. and Allen Rossi entertained the crowd, as did the Jimmy Van Zant Band, Pat Travers, and Black Oak Arkansas; all of whom played on the second stage. I missed all the aforementioned bands, but did manage to see the end of BOA.

Featured on the main stage, was another local band, Racy Grace, followed by Kevin Dubrow, formally of Quiet Riot. Slaughter played next, followed by one of my favorite late 80’s bands, Warrant, with new lead singer Jamie St. James from Black and Blue fame. They rocked hard and got the audience up on their feet with two of their best known hits,”Cherry Pie” and “Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich.”

Headlining the day was Twisted Sister, with all the original band members. They are just as most people probably remember them, with their makeup, costumes and attitude. Even after all these years, they put on a show I’m sure many KC fans will remember for a long time. According to Dee, this might be their last appearance, but you know how that goes. By the time the day was through this event was more a concert than anything else.

Bikinis - Slacker, from 99.7 KY was on hand to M.C. the bikini contest. Thank God the second stage was located under some trees behind the main stage. The girls were, of course, very hot (no pun intended; OK, maybe intended). Molly, Crystal, Randi, Lovena and Brandi showed off their moves and assets to a small, but appreciative crowd; with Randi taking home the crown. Congratulations Randi!

Bike Show - Brian Hargrove, President; Chad Speiser V.P; and George Young, Medical Officer of the HD-ERA chose three judges for the event; two auditors from the factory, and a long time friend of one of the officers. All three judges were involved in various aspects of motorcycling long before working at Harley-Davison. To thank them for their work on the bike show, Clear Channel Entertainment made a $1,000 donation to the March of Dimes “Bikers for Babies” event on HD-ERA’s behalf.

In addition to the bike show, Jack Miller American Thunder V-Twin and Hellraisers Choppers provided some of their finest craftsmanship for everyone to see. F.O.G. Cycles, Alter Ego, Worth Harley-Davidson North, Blue Springs Harley-Davidson, Central Harley-Davidson and Gail’s Harley-Davidson all helped with pre-registration for the bike show in exchange for some free advertising on 99.7 KY.

The overall bike show winner was George Marriott, who was crowned; King of the Ball, after riding his custom built hardtail onto the main stage. Below are the specs on George’s bike and the rest of the bike show winners:

Owner: George Marriott
Year, Make & Model: 2002 Custom Built Hardtail
Builder: Reece Good & Heath Good of Ultra Craft Customs
Fabrication: Ultra Craft Customs handlebars, taillight bracket, oil tank,
fenders, belt guard and modified neck
Paint: Bill Duncan and Dennis Shepard
Drive Train: 124' S&S motor, 6 speed transmission and a Primo belt drive
Wiring: Ultra Craft Customs

1ST – Daniel Belknap
2ND – Lee Wingfield
3RD – Ted Schaodenberger

1ST – Jim Testerman
2ND – Hollywood Stallworth
3RD – Laura Michael

1ST – Michael Scrogum
2ND – Patty Durkin

1ST – Chad Roberts
2ND – Terry Hines

1ST – Lance Lamb
2ND – Steve Bardwell
3RD – Frand Brown

1ST – Mike “Puffy” Perez

1ST – Mark Boyd
2ND – Al Annillo
3RD – Greg Bailey

1ST – Nick Rodina
2ND – Mark Stracener
3RD – Walter Fraser

1ST – Bill Falls
2ND – Willy Bernard Jr.

1ST – Robert Cook
2ND – Troey Leonard

1ST – Patrick “Duke” Knowles

1ST – Ronnie Cox
2ND – Jason Rogers
3RD – Tom Barlett

1ST – David Brookshier
2ND – Bud Chapman
3RD – George Lafal

1ST – B.R. Richardson
2ND – Craig S. Frye
3RD – Jeff Schrier

1ST – Ronny Vogel
2ND – Steven Burchfield
2RD – Dave Sexton

Overall, I feel the event provided less than advertised, but I still think everyone who managed to stay cool enjoyed the music and the vibe. Since this was the 1st Annual Bikers Ball, as with any first time event, I’m sure some lessons were learned and we can look forward to an even bigger and better event next year.

Story by Wayne Thompson

Photos by Wayne Thompson
and Mike Schweder