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All American Bike Show Award Winners

Written by  February 28, 2004

On behalf of Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine, we congratulate the following award winners of this year’s All American Bike Show!

1st-Ken Stiles-65 FL
2nd-Ken Provence-53 HD

Antique Custom:
1st-Adam Vigil-57 HD
2nd-Teddy Bitner-60 Chopper

V-Rod Stock
1st-Michael Moss-03 V-Rod
2nd-Employee Riders Association-04 V Rod

V-Rod Street
1st-Ray Conner-03 V-Rod

1st-Cheryl Nick-03 Sportster

Big Twin-Twin Cam-Ladies:
1st-Phyllis McGuire-99 HD
2nd-Renee Bayliff-04 HD

Full Dresser-Stock:
1st-Sonney Key-01 HD
2nd-Gary Nick-98 HD

Full Dresser-Mild Custom:
1st-Joe Rawie-02 HD

Sport Touring:
1st-Robert Briggs-02 HD
2nd-Richard Martin-02 HD

Sport Touring-Mild Custom:
1st-Chris Meyer-99 HD
2nd-Ken Stallman-04 HD

Sport Touring-Street Custom:
1st-Jay Stevens-00 HD
2nd-Randy Kent-01 HD

Sport Touring-Full:
1st-Jim Evans-01 HD
2nd_Merlin Eaton-03 HD
1st-Rick Yeager-01 HD

Sportster-Street Custom:
1st-Jim Testerman-01 Sportster
2nd-Hollywood-87 Sportster

1st-Jeff Snyder-04 Street
2nd-Charence H.-04 Pro Street

Twin Cam-Evo Rigid Stock:
1st-Brandon Oneal-00 HD
2nd-Danny Oneal-01 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Rigid Street Custom:
1st-Sean Buiva-89 HD
2nd-Scott Mendenhall-93 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Rigid Mild:
1st-“Reb” Larry Miller-02 HD:
2nd-Dave Magraw-94 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Rigid Full:
1st-Brian Bishop-98 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Rubber Stock:
1st-Rolland Fox-01 HD
2nd-David Payton-02 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Rubber Street Custom:
1st-John Aquino-02 HD
2nd-Clint Loman-01 HD

Pre-Evo Street Custom:
1st-Doug Vanderslice-77 HD

Pre-Evo Street Custom Mild:
1st-Bill Holder-72 HD

Radical Rigid:
1st-Randy Branderburg-04 Chopper
2nd_Jimmy Freeman-98 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Radical:
1st-Ronney Vogel-03 West Coast
2nd-Mike Meadows-98 HD

Twin Cam-Evo Radical Rubber:
1st-Wes Skaggs-04 Chopper
2nd-Mike Diviney-03 Chopper

Twin Cam-Evo Radical Full:
1st-Craig Frye-03 Custom
2nd-Jim Fowler-03 Special

Twin Cam-Evo Radical Mild:
1st-Bobby Hyatt-04 Special
2nd-Mike Doolin-01 HD

Production Custom:
1st-Patee Bunce-Big Dog
2nd_Dennis Dayton-Iron Horse

Best Paint:
Jim Fowler

Best Engine:
Craig Frye

Ladies Award:
Patee Bunce

Club Award:
Cycle Disciples

Best In Show:
Wes Skaggs

By Stripe