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Ron Robbins Poker Run

Written by  October 31, 2004

In July of this year, Ron Robbins was out with a couple of
his buddies, Jeff Spencer and John Payne, who all work together at the
Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City, Missouri.  Tragedy struck when they became
separated and Ron was left trying to catch up to his bro’s.  Ron was going south
on I-435 when he lost control of his Harley and went over the handlebars.  Ron
suffered severe facial injuries and has been laid up ever since.  In August, his
bro’s, friends and coworkers got together to help raise money for Ron to help
defer the hospital cost and costs for him and his family, like we all should do
when our brothers are  in need.
One of Ron bro’s, John “Shadow” Ralston organized a poker
run, a 50/50 raffle and an auction hosted by Ted the union president at the
Harley-Davidson Plant.  Graciously, Scott Merrifield, owner of The Groove in
North Kansas City provided the club for registration and as an ending point for
the run and auction.
The first stop on the run was at JC’s Sports Bar, which is
one of our advertisers.  I followed the last group leaving The Groove consisting
of Jeff, Kat, John and Brenda. After I had a couple of Jager Bombs to jump start
my liver, I was ready for the rest of the day. Having just returned from Sturgis
I was, needless to say, road weary and backlogged with work on the magazine. I
had other obligations that day and took off to a meeting so I could still beat
everyone back to The Groove in time for the auction.
The second stop was Paradise Point Outlaw Marina in
Smithville and the third stop was O’Malley’s Irish Pub in Weston. Shadow
couldn’t have picked a better route or a nicer day to ride. If you’ve never been
to O’Malley’s in Weston, you gotta go. This Irish pub has a lot of history and
is partly subterranean. That means it’s underground whopper head.

So with the run in full swing and me at a boring meeting, I
couldn’t wait to catch up with everyone at The Groove and party. While everyone
was gone, Shadow fired up the grill and cooked dogs for everyone when they got
back. Shadow said someone else had offered to donate the meal, but they pulled
out at the last minute.  As usual, an anonymous donor came forward and provided
hot dogs, buns, chips and all the fixings. Just goes to show there are still
some good people out there willing to help.
Most of the riders were from the Kansas City Ford and the
Harley-Davidson Plant and Ron obviously has a lot of people who care about him
based on the amount of goods displayed and the donations that were received at
the auction. There were three large tables full of stuff and more spilling out
on the floor. The auction was a huge success and Ron, from the plant, did a
great job as auctioneer because the goods and money were flying.
I never did get a final count on what was raised but I know
it was a considerable amount due to the generosity of all who attended, and I’m
sure Ron and his family appreciated every bit.
Get well soon Ron and we’ll keep you and yours in our

Story & photos by Wayne Thompson