Gear and Product Reviews

Gear and Product Reviews

HAWGWILDE COSMETICS – A New Line of Cosmetics Designed with the Female Biker in Mind!

January 31, 2019
PHOENIX, ARIZONA – January 2, 2019 – HawgWilde Cosmetics, LLC’s (HWC) online late 2018, was a very exciting milestone for Andrea Bates, CEO/Co-Founder and Shari Weisman, COO/Co-Founder of HawgWilde Cosmetics,

Review: Scorpion’s Shape-Shifting Covert 3-in-1 Helmet By: Gary Ilminen

December 1, 2018
There are a lot more helmets out there for nearly every riding style, preference and weather condition than there is cash in most people’s pockets to acquire them. The answer is to get a helmet that can offer options to suit a variety of riding conditions, tastes in style and rider preferences.

Product Review: Akari AX12 e-Tinting Visor Insert

October 29, 2015
I must admit -- living in the 21st century is pretty grand. Granted, when I was a kid, I thought we’d all have flying cars and vacation on Mars by now, but still, life is plenty sweet. My car may not be flying, but all my technology just keeps getting better, smaller, and more capable. And, the more I think about it, riding my bike is probably more fun than a flying car, anyways. Rider protection technology, in particular, has become much more advanced over the last few decades. It seems that almost every piece of motorcycling gear these days…

Vertix Raptor-i Wireless Helmet Communicator Review

September 23, 2015
These days, it seems like we are always connected and always within reach. Our “smart” phones, tablets, computers and even cars now bombard us with a constant stream of emails, messages, and updates demanding our attention. It’s no wonder that I’ve come to really enjoy those times when I can just roll-on the throttle and drown the noise of the world in the rumble of the motor and the rush of speed. And yet, when you ride a lot, or venture on longer trips, being connected can become a valuable option.

Hawg Clips – The Perfect Christmas Gift!

November 30, 2011
If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the biker on your Christmas list, you’ve found it! Hawg Clips are made from high quality stainless steel, right here in the good old USA. Hawg Clips come in a package of two, which can be easily attached to the clutch and front brake housing of your Harley-Davidson (and select metric bikes) using the existing bolts. Hawg Clips are designed to keep items you need close at hand, such as your cell phone, IPOD, MP3 player, GPS, and anything else that has a belt clip.Leather bottle holders, also known as Bottle Hawgs,…

Book Review: Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel

July 31, 2009
This book by Frazier Douglass really hit home for me. I've been going on family camping trips as far back as I can remember, and I've been riding motorcycles since the age of eight. At age ten, my dad fabricated a makeshift luggage rack for my Honda SL70, and after packing our camping gear on our bikes we headed out to a local lake with about 15 other father and son riders. That was my first, but certainly not my last motorcycle camping trip. Several thousand miles and 37 years later I'm still learning new things, and with the advent…

Hog Trough Quick Release Frame Mounted Drink Holder

March 31, 2009
From the moment I purchased my new Harley-Davidson Fat Boy I started adding chrome and accessories. Before rolling it out the door at the dealership, the pipes were replaced, a detachable windshield and detachable backrest/luggage rack was installed, and the search was on for a good set of aftermarket leather saddlebags and a T-Bag I could attach and remove quickly. I also purchased a sharp-looking Badlander seat I could swap out with the stock seat in under a minute. Are you starting to see a trend here? You've got it! I can convert my cruiser into a touring bike in…

Book Review: Japanese Motorcycles 1959-2007

August 31, 2008
I've been around motorcycles my entire life, and can still remember holding onto the chrome gas tank of my dad's Yamaha street bike as we rode up and down the gravel roads near our family farm. Growing up in a small town in northeast Kansas, the closest motorcycle dealership was Hatfield's Honda in St. Joseph, Missouri. Since my mom, dad, and sister all rode motorcycles, we were one of the dealership's favorite customers, and took home numerous bikes from their showroom. At age seven, I got my first motorcycle, which was a new Honda MiniTrail 50. I can still remember…

Welcome to the Pig-Glow Products Detailing Tutorial

June 30, 2007
Please keep in mind that the processes outlined in this tutorial apply only to our products and the application thereof. We will, on occasion, point out the extra detailing steps required by products from other manufacturers. We may point out the potential shortcomings that other products could cause to cycle or accessories, and the danger that improper use of other products can pose to the rider or the detailer. We will not mention other competitors, but simply indicate the potential hazards due to slick and synthetic compounds, breathing of noxious fumes, increasing magnification of UV rays with shiny synthetics, lack…

Custom Fit Boots by West Coast Shoe Company

May 31, 2007
This is my second installment on safety gear. People spend big money on helmets and leather all the time. While both of these items, as well as proper eye protection, are important (as I advised a couple of months back), did you ever stop and think about your feet? Proper footwear while riding can not only protect your feet from the elements but can also be the difference between walking or not after an unforeseen accident. When I say accident I don’t just mean collisions. I mean putting a foot down in an emergency situation only to find a crevasse…

DMY Series VIP Trunk by Custom Cycle Gear Inc.

April 30, 2007
You would think riding a bagger would mean you have all the storage you need, wouldn’t you? Wrong! Believe it or not there are times when even two good-sized saddle bags aren’t enough. One of my bags is full of tools, tire repair kit, jumper cables and all the other goodies that keep me from ever getting stranded on the road. If you don’t believe me on the tool thing ask Editor-in-Chief, Mike Schweder. On our trip to Warsaw a couple of years ago my tools saved one of the people riding in our group twice. Any of you solo-seat,…

Impulse CliCs Eyewear

March 31, 2007
Why is it when motorcycle safety gear is mentioned, 95 percent of the time the topic is helmets? Helmets may or may not be important to you, and of course the legality of going lidless varies from state to state. Gotcha! You might have been expecting a helmet tirade pro or con, but it isn’t going to happen here. Just for the record, I believe those who ride should decide, but, that is a topic for another time. Helmets are just part of the safety package when motorcycling is concerned. Right up there in my book is quality eyewear. For…

Wilbers Motorcycle Suspension Technology in Detail

March 31, 2007
By Werner Koch and Benny WilbersMotorcycle suspensions have always been a grey area for me; however, Wilbers Motorcycle Suspension Technology in Detail has shed clear light on this subject. When I received Wilbers’ book, I was really taken aback by the amount of theory and detail that has gone into this publication. The actual book is 95 pages, and it is packed full of schematics and step-by-step pictures that not only give you a reference point but also answer some of those questions that seem to baffle even the best techs. Suspension systems require maintenance just like engine systems, both…

True-Dual Exhaust by Full Sac Performance

February 28, 2007
I’m a tight-ass. Yep that’s right. Since I am not made of money, bargains are a friend of mine. Don’t get me wrong—I didn’t say “cheap.” A bargain to me is something well made, of high quality at a great price. This brings me to my scooter. If you have a familiarity with Harley-Davidson bikes you know how much the motor company liked to have crossovers on their exhaust system. My old Fat Boy had a crossover in the stock head pipes that I wasn’t fond of. For a couple hundred bucks a set of drag pipes fixed that. On…

Book Review: Upper Mississippi Valley by Motorcycle

April 30, 2006
For those of us who endure several long months of winter, the arrival of spring is a long-awaited respite from confinement. Warm temperatures, for us, signify the beginning of riding season and the anticipation of the pleasure our lifestyle brings. Weekend warriors begin to look forward to bike nights, weekend rides and vacations that include rallies and motorcycle events. But for a chosen few, the planning of riding season and the anticipation of the destination go far beyond riding to the local bike night scene and weekend rallies. The arrival of spring sets the wheels in motion for extended motorcycle…

Book Review: WWII MEMORIAL “Jewel of the Mall”

January 31, 2006
“WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall is a 90 page full-color photographic book on the WWII Memorial with an introduction by Senator Robert Dole and photographs by renowned photographer Stephen R. Brown. The photographs are exclusive never-to-be duplicated images as Stephen R. Brown had access to the site and cranes as the Memorial was built. Panoramic scenes of the new face of the Mall comprise seventy-five pages of the book while the other fifteen are a documentary of the creation and installation of the sculpture and Marble ornamentation that is part of this new memorial.” “Stephen R. Brown has been…

Book Review – Murder on the Trap by J. Preston Smith

November 30, 2005
There are motorcycle riders, and there are bikers. The differences between these two entities are not readily discernable to an untrained eye, as what separates riders from bikers is found within and cannot be determined from mere appearance. True bikers share an unspoken brotherhood, a steadfast loyalty to each other, and a commitment to uphold their own brand of justice. In J. Preston Smith’s murder mystery, Murder on the Trap, the author introduces us to one of our own, Bon Sandifer. Bon is a Harley-riding Vietnam vet who marries his childhood sweetheart, Shelly, after he returns from the war. We…