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Behind the Scenes with Lisa

September 30, 2007
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Lisa, from Olathe, Kansas is our October 2007 cover model. I first met Lisa when she stopped by our booth at this year's Bikers for Babies® RIDE at the Kansas Speedway. She was all decked out in her leathers and ready to ride for the babies! It was obvious that Lisa enjoys motorcycling and helping others, which was confirmed by her answers to the following questions.

When asked about her ambitions in life, she told us 'To be all that I can be with no limits. If you set your heart to achieve goals they are much closer than you think. Give yourself a chance and don’t let fear get in the way.' We asked Lisa to tell us about her hobbies and to describe her personality, to which she said, 'I am a very outgoing person, I love helping people, I am very into sports, and I am very compassionate. I am someone who loves to listen and help in any way possible! I am very thankful for everything I have and I do not think I am better than anyone! We are all human and no one is perfect. I try to look at each person with a different approach! We are unique in our own way! I try to find the good in each person, and sometimes it blows up in my face but what can I say...I TRIED!'

'I really enjoy traveling. As of right now, I work hard, take care of things at home and really enjoy hanging out with my friends! I love to get all dolled up and go out with my friends. I enjoy dancing my little booty off! I know people have to think I am crazy, but I don't call it crazy. I call it having fun! Sometimes you just need to let loose. My friends mean so much to me, and I don't know where I would be without them. They have all been there for me through the good and the bad. No matter how crazy things can get I hope you all know I love you so much! My family means so much to me too. They have been there for me through some times that were so tough. I now realize that those tough times have made me so much stronger and I am ready to take on anything! I have accomplished so much with the support of my friends and family. I am who I am today because of all of you. Keep a smile on your face; life is too short to play games!'

When asked what turns her on, Lisa admitted, 'I really enjoy watching a man interact with children. I absolutely love children, so the way to my heart is through children!' On the flipside, Lisa said a lack of confidence and aggressiveness is a big turnoff for her. We asked Lisa if she likes to ride, and her reply was a big 'Absolutely! I don't have my own bike, but I have a special someone who has a bad ass bike and I like to call it mine! Even though it isn't “my” bike, it's the bike I ride on. It's a 2004 Redneck Rocket custom with a 124ci S&S stage 3 Kendall Johnson Motor, Primo Primary and Belt Drive, PM Wheels, brakes and controls.' When asked what she liked most about 'her' bike, she said, 'I love the look and the roar of the motor. If I could change one thing I would want a seat with more cushion for my tush! Those bumps are intense…OUCH!' Note to 'special someone:' Please get Lisa a seat with a bit more cushion.

She describes her most memorable riding experience as, 'HMMM…I would have to say the first time I rode on the Redneck. I couldn’t believe all the power it had, and the vibration…I think that is enough said!' We also asked her least favorite riding experience and she told us 'In the rain…damn it sucks being caught in a storm while riding. I think it hurts so bad and if it is cold out it is even worse!'

We asked Lisa about the motorcycle rallies and events she has attended and asked which was her favorite? 'I've attended Bikers for Babies® here in KC, and Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I really think all the organizations that donate to charity events are great! It is amazing to be riding with all these bikers who care so much to come out as a group and support the occasion. Underneath all that leather and those doo rags it's amazing how generous and soft hearted bikers are! I am also looking forward to going to Sturgis one of these years.'

Lisa's favorite bike night hangout is FUEL on Thursday nights, and she went on to say, 'I love the bar and I think the environment there is so much fun. Oh, and not to mention, there is now a new location in Independence, which I am looking forward to going and checking out! Trust me if you haven’t been there yet you need to go! The waitresses are so hot and the music will get, you in the mood!'

When asked if she had any tattoos, Lisa told us, 'Nope. I am so scared of needles, plus and I can’t decide on what I would want on my body forever.' Although Lisa isn't into tattoos herself, she did go on to tell us 'I really enjoy watching Kat on LA Ink. I think she is very talented and is an incredible artist.'

When asked Lisa if she prefers riding in a group or by herself, and she said, 'I really enjoy riding alone because you can really clear your head and it seems like nothing else matters. It is just you and the world going straight at each other.'

When it comes to her favorite riding buddies and and what she looks for in a riding companion, she said, 'Ian Oldenburger! He knows so much about bikes and I really trust that he won’t let anything happen to me while riding. I don’t like riders that take riding for granted. Please be careful because it only takes one stupid mistake, and that one mistake could cost you your life.'

In closing, we asked Lisa if there was anything else she would like to share with our readers and she said, 'I didn’t grow up around motorcycles and I didn’t know anyone who was a rider. I always thought riders were so tough and plain out hard asses. I have learned so much more about what is behind those long beards, leathers and doo rags. Deep down all of you are the most generous, caring and passionate people. It is great to see that because things in this world aren’t getting better, but having generous bikers makes a huge difference to those in need. Thank you to all of you who ride in charity organizations!'

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363.

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