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Behind the Scenes with Amber

May 31, 2006
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Amber is from Grain Valley, Missouri and is a decoration specialist for a corporate sports apparel company. Her ambitions include finishing college, continuing to work in the advertising specialties industry, do more modeling jobs and succeed at everything she does!

Her hobbies include exercising, taking care of her animals and spending time with her man. She also enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends, dancing and has been known to drink and be merry! She also likes to spend time at the lake with friends, road tripping and shopping. Amber loves all types of music and the CD that is currently in her CD player is TOOL, Big Tymers, Nelly, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's and her all time favorite band is 311.

Good teeth, beautiful eyes and someone who is motivated and likes to do things are a big turn-on for Amber. She also likes someone with a sense of humor, such as her man!

B. O. and bad breath is a real turnoff for Amber, as are people who are not well groomed. Arrogance and lying also ranks high on her list of turnoffs.

Amber is a sucker for Mexican food, her Italian Greyhounds Bud Light, shoes and shopping!

Amber describes her personality as sometimes shy in the beginning and outgoing once she gets to know you. She's also a comic, a smartass and loves giving people a hard time. She is also very attentive and likes to watch people and their actions. Amber is cautious around new people until she gets to know then and determines for herself if they are a trustworthy stand-up person.

We asked Amber if she owns her own bike and if so, how many bikes she has owned. She told us she has owned 4-5 bikes, which raised my eyebrows. She then went on to explain, 'My first bike was a pink and purple 10-speed and I also owned a Big Wheel when I was three years old. I currently have a mountain bike and I've also owned a few other bikes in between. Ha, Ha, Ha!' She did tell me her dream bike would be a West Coast Chopper, so I'm pretty sure she knew we were talking about motorcycles.

When asked if she had any tattoos, she said, 'No current tattoos, but if and when I do, I want to get YOUR NAME tattooed on my ass! Ha, Ha, Ha! Wow, how flattering!

I asked Amber is there was anything else she would like to share with our readers and she said, 'I like to see people happy! It makes my day when I know I can help someone out or can make them crack a smile!' Nuff said!

Interview by Mike Schweder.

Photos by Steve Settle of Subtle Imagery (816) 824-0185.

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