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Behind the Scenes with Amy

February 28, 2006
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Our March 2006 cover model is Amy from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a professional model and her ambition is to live life. When asked about hobbies, Amy said her only hobby is to have fun!

For Amy, turn-ons include a short mustache, a cowboy hat, belt buckle and tight jeans. She also likes the look of a guy in a wife beater. Hold on…before someone runs off and calls 911, the wife beater she is referring to is sleeveless T-shirt.

On the other hand, Amy says one of her big turnoffs is a cute outfit with bad or old dirty shoes. Amy is a sucker for the lake and fishing and describes her personality as cute, sweet, funny, weird and silly.

When asked if she rides, she said she rides all kind of things. With that, we decided to be a bit more specific and asked her if she owned her own bike. She said no, but she will.

We also asked Amy what her most memorable riding experience was and she said it was riding with her grandpa when she was little because it was so much fun!

Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

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