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Aces and Eights - 2008 SMW Godfather Custom 300

July 31, 2009
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Owner: Dale Minton and CC Moran
City: Kansas City, Missouri

Year/Make/Model: 2008 Southern Motorcycle Works (SMW) Godfather Custom 300
Fabrication by: Dale Minton
Assembled by: Dale Minton
Assembly Time: 3 months

Size (ci)/Make: Ultima100 Series Proof 100ci 100 hp 110ft lbs of torque
Carburetor: S&S Super G Shorty
Air Cleaner: Big Dog
Pipes: Martin Brothers Daisy Cutters

Make/Model: Ultima RSD
Shifting (foot/hand & speeds): Foot Shift 6-Speed

Make/Model: Kraft/Tech Inc.
Rake: 46 Degrees
Stretch: Negative -2” in down tube and 5” in back bone
Rear Suspension: Hidden Softail shocks
Forks: Midwest Motorcycle
Triple-Trees: SMW Chrome Tribal

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Type: SMW Spikes
Size: 21”
Rim width: 3.25
Tire: Avon Venom 120/70
Brake: Hawg Halter Inc.
Type: SMW Spikes
Size: 18”
Rim width: 10.5
Tire: Avon Venom 300mm
Brake: Hawg Halter Inc.
Painter: Dale Minton - Outlaw Colors and Gold Leaf (816) 309-5486
Color/Manufacturer: Pure pearl white & vivid black PPG paint accented with 23kt gold leaf


Bars: Midwest Motorcycle
Risers: Midwest Motorcycle
Hand Controls: Standard Harley Davidson Chrome
Headlight: Headwinds
Taillight: Drag specialties and custom 45 cal replicas
Gauges: Dakota digital
Fuel Tank: Kraft/Tech Inc 4 gallon
Oil Tank: Kraft/Tech Inc Horse shoe
Front Fender: Kraft/Tech Inc Custom Claw
Rear Fender: Kraft/Tech Inc Strutless
Fender Struts: Strutless
Pegs: Midwest Motorcycle
Foot Controls: Midwest Motorcycle
Seat: Drag Specialties

Other Information/Specs:
This bike is modeled after Wild Bill Hickok and the infamous Deadman's Hand; Aces & Eights. The bike has replica 45 cal pistons for rear turn signal/running lights, late 1800s Brass shotgun shells for front turn signal/running lights, a replica Deadwood SD Marshals Badge, Saloon #10 medallions on the primary and a 3 3/8” open primary with outer SMW Inc tribal primary support.
Special thanks to Bill Matthews with House Of Trykes LLC located at 6219 NW Kelly Drive in Parkville, Missouri (816) 365-8794 for allowing us to photograph the Aces & Eights bike at his shop.
Photos by Mike Schweder

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