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2013 AHB Rat Bike

October 1, 2013
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Our October 2013 cover bike is owned by Paul and Stacey Evans from Oak Grove, Missouri. Their bike took first place at our Cover Bike Search on Saturday, July 27, 2013, at The Bar in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We had a great time shooting Cover Model Search winner Alex on their bike for this month’s cover.

Owner: Paul and Stacey Evans

City: Oak Grove, Missouri


Year/Make/Model: 2013 After Hours Bikes (AHB) Rat Rod

Name of Bike: Attention Whore

Fabricated by: AHB

Assembled by: AHB

Assembly time: 10 months. Todd and I designed it for about a year before it was built.


Make/Size (ci): Ultima 113ci

Carburetor: Ultima

Air Cleaner: S&S

Pipes: AHB custom flamethrower, which shoots a flame over 15 feet in the air (see photo below).


Make/Model: Ultima 6-speed w/3 inch open primary

Shifting: Foot shift


Frame: AHB. There’s no kickstand, so the frame lies on the ground.

Swingarm: None. It’s a hardtail

Forks/Suspension: Car air shocks

Wheels, Tires & Brakes


Type: Ride Wright Fat 50 w/custom graffiti

Size: 26 inch

Tire: Vee 'The Monster' Whitewall

Brake: None


Type: Ride Wright Fat 50 w/custom graffiti

Size: 18 inch

Tire: Firestone 'Milk Truck' 7.50 - 18 Rat Whitewall


Bars: Flipped upside down

Risers: Longer bolts w/nuts as the spacers. I was too short for the original setup, so I had to modify it.

Headlight: Old spotlight from a car/truck

Gauges: Corona bottle for the fuel gauge. There are no other gauges.

Fuel Tank: Chevy big block V-8 valve covers

Oil Tank: Mooney

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: Custom AHB fabricated steel w/pinup girl painted on it

Fender Struts: Connecting rods

Pegs: Connecting rods and valve springs for the passenger pegs

Seat: Brake rotor

Other Info/Specs

There are way too many details on this bike to even begin listing them all. The bike was pinstriped by Jokers Kustom Pinstriping out of Harrisonville, Missouri, and my 11 year-old stepson Burnout (Bryce Jones). Joker (Doc Thomas) has been teaching Burnout how to paint and pinstripe this year. We owe Joker a huge thanks for doing this!

There are still a few things we're doing to the bike. We've had a pretty trick sound system for it since before I even got the bike, but we haven't installed it yet. We want to make sure it's perfect before we put it on there. Kyle Moody from Moody's Garage is making a badass leather tool bag for it. Yes, when you ride a custom bike, especially a rat rod, you're going to run into issues here and there that you have to fix while on the road.

I always get asked if I ride the bike. Yes, I ride it. I live way out in the suburbs, so I have to ride it about 20 miles any place I go. Usually when I take it out, I put about 60 miles on it. The most I've ridden in one day is about 120 miles. I've put around 1500 miles on it since the end of April, 2013. I've rode it in the rain a few times; not by choice though. My wife has ridden on the rear fender 100+ miles on a few tripst. Yeah, she's a bad biker chick. Ha, Ha, Ha! The bike rides better than most people think it would, and it's more comfortable than it looks, which is why I always tell people to sit on it.

Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

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