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2000 Custom Boar Chopper

December 1, 2012
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Our December 2012 cover bike is owned by Debbe St. Clair from Stilwell, Kansas. Her 2000 Custom Boar Chopper was selected as the winning bikes at our Cover Bike Search at The Bar in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We photographed cover model search winner Jessica, on Debbe's bike for this month’s cover.


Owner: Debbe St. Clair
City: Stilwell, Kansas

Year/Make/Model: 2005 Boar Razorback. 
Fabrication by: Dyno Mike Wilson. Boar Motorcycles went out of business. I bought it stock, and went straight to Dyno Mike to discuss its rebirth. 
Assembled by: Dyno Mike Wilson

Make/Size: Total Performance Pro Series 107 ci
Carburetor: S&S Shorty
Air Cleaner: S&S Super
Pipes: Shark. Fabricated by Dyno Mike Wilson

Make/Model: Boar
Shifting: Foot shift 6-speed

Painter: Mark Morris with Visual Imagination
Color: Candy apple red with a heavy bass boat metal flake

Make/Model: 2000 BOAR Razorback. The original bike had this ugly tribal Boar logo on the gas tank. I ditched the gas tank for an Indian Larry dished mode. The only part I left the Boar logo on is the shift linkage. 
Rake: A lot
Stretch: Long
Rear Suspension: Hard tail
Forks: Springer with a single shock

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Type: Spoke wheel 
Size: 21 inch
Rim width: narrow
Tire: Avon. 
Brake: Performance Machine (double caliper). 
Type: Solid Aluminum
Tire: AVON 230
Brake: Performance Machine. The bike originally came with a Sproctor brake system, which barely stopped this machine. Therefore, I had Dyno Mike add a Performance Machine double puck setup. Now it stops.

Bars: Crossroads
Hand Controls: Performance Machine
Grips: Jelly metal flake from Lick’s Cycle
Speedometer: Auto Meter Pro Series
Headlight: Dual V-Twin
Taillight: Cadillac
Fuel Tank: 3.5 Gal MCWorx 
Oil Tank: MCWorx
Front Fender MCWorx 
Rear Fender: Boar fender that was chopped in half by Dyno Mike (Yes, I get wet)
Fender Struts: MCWorx
Pegs: MCWorx
Foot Controls: MCWorx
Seat: Mitch Bass

Other Information/Specs:
- The Awesome sissybar was crafted by Dyno Mike. I took him my design, and he said “I can do that. It’ll be fun!” Thanks Dyno. It’s still solid! 
- Solo Saddlebag from Lick’s Cycles

Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

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