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This month’s cover girl is Angie from Belton, Missouri.

Owner: Kim Suter/KC Creations
City/State: Overland Park, Kansas

- Fabricated by: Paul Harper
- Year: 2005
- Make: Big Inch Bike
- Model: Custom
- Assembly: Paul Harper
- Assembly Time: Eight weeks
- Chromed by: A&A Plating

- Year & Model: 2005 S&S 145' Motor
- Carburetor: Dual Mikuni
- Air Cleaner: Velocity Stacks
- Pipes: KC Creations

- Year & Model: 2005 Baker
- Shifting: 6-speed

- Molding: Jason Chennault
- Painter: Scott Thomas & John Nicholas
- Color: Platinum Metallic

- Year/Type: 2005 Big Inch Bike 330 Custom
- Builder: Sam Wells of Racing Innovations
- Rake: 45 degrees
- Stretch: 3 inches up & 7 inches out
- Rear Swingarm: Rigid

- Bars: KC Creations
- Fenders: KC Creations
- Headlight: Dual Headwinds
- Taillight: KC Creations
- Speedometer: Dakota Digital
- Pegs: KC Creations
- Gas Tank: KC Creations/Paul Harper
- Oil Tank: In-air dam
- Seat: Danny Gray
- Mirrors: None
- Grips: KC Creations

- Type: KC Creations
- Extension: Long

- Type: Weld Racing Recluse
- Size: 21 inches
- Tire: Avon 120/70/21
- Brake: HHI

- Type: Weld Racing
- Size: 18 inches
- Tire: Avon 330
- Brake: HHI

Other Information/Features:
Kim and Cheryl Suter would like to thank the whole KC crew and express how great it is when everyone works together and gives 100 percent. This bike will be used for the Easyriders® Centerfold Tour for the 2005 season.

Photos by Wayne Thompson

This is the second month in a row that Megan has graced the cover of our magazine. You may have recognized her from our December cover page, where Megan was one of the eight Cycle Connections girls who posed on the Anaconda with Santa and Ms Claus. I guess we must really like her, because this month she has the cover all to herself!

When we contacted Smokey and told him Santa, Ms Claus and the girls were looking to trade in a slightly used sleigh and eight scraggly reindeer for something really cool and much more practical to deliver all the toys with this year, he said, “How about the world’s longest ten-passenger Harley-Davidson powered limo trike?”

After a quick test ride, a deal was made and Santa, Ms Claus and the girls were on their way! I’m not sure what Smokey is going to do with his end of the deal, but I’m guessing that after putting the reindeer out to pasture you’ll see the world’s longest Harley-Davidson powered sleigh running around the streets of Kansas City in no time!

Our December cover girls (from front to back) are Leah Magee, Megan Haws, Becky Hamrick, Lisa Chinn, Denise Bernal, Karla Jones, Malia Duncan and Tina Davis. Santa and Ms Claus are none other than Cycle Connections’ very own Carl Busse and his lovely wife, Patty. Yes, in case you were wondering, Santa still makes house calls.

See more photos of Santa, Ms Claus and the Cycle Connections Girls.

A special thanks to Smokey McGill of Kansas City, Kansas for allowing us to use the Anaconda for our December photo shoot, and to Ron Wright of Wright Brother’s Bikes for letting us use his shop for our shoot.
See more photos and information on Smokey McGill’s “Anaconda.”
Photos by Mike Schweder

Art direction and photo editing by Wayne Thompson

It doesn't seem possible that almost a whole year has gone by since the Anaconda made its premier debut on February 13, 2004 at the 44th Annual CARQUEST Auto Parts World of Wheels. When I was building the Anaconda I had no idea it would be so popular.

2004 in Review
It has been a busy year for the Anaconda. I haven't had much time for anything else, due to all the Anaconda’s appearance requests. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we've done this year, as well as my plans for the future. After appearing at World of Wheels 2004, the Anaconda made its way to the Easyriders™ Bike Show Tour 2004. Onlookers were fascinated with the sight of this incredible stretched motorcycle.

The Anaconda has made the cover of several biker magazines and has been featured in numerous magazine articles. We've had special requests to attend numerous events such as Big Boy Toys, the Snake Saturday Parade, Saint Patty’s Day Parade, David Mann Benefit, Rich Davidson Benefit, VA Hospital, and many small town parades and charity events.

We were honored to be the poster bike for the 10th Annual March of Dimes Bikers for Babies Ride. The Anaconda has appeared on AMP TV's Steel Dreams show, was honored with a 2nd Place Trophy in the Big Daddy Rat Bike Show for most the unusual bike, and had an appearance at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis. The highlight of my Sturgis trip was spending time with Indian Larry and trading t-shirts with him. His remarks about the Anaconda were “Pretty F*cking Cool” and “Be careful what you wish for, that bike is going to be famous.” Thanks for the advice, Larry, you'll always be remembered.

We contacted the Guinness Book of World Records and they responded that the Anaconda is a world record setter! We have submitted all the proper paperwork and are waiting a final confirmation. The current record holder is the “Green Fly,” which is 18' long, carries five passengers, and is built from a rover car with a modified front wheel. By comparison, the Anaconda is a 19' long ten-passenger Harley Davidson with a DFT trike kit, which weighs in at 1,420 pounds.

When people see the Anaconda hauling ten people, they go wild! Our favorite remarks include, “What the Hell?, No Way!, Holy Shit!, You've gotta be kidding!, Un-F*cking believable!,” and “Awesome Bike!”

They ask questions like; “Do both motors work?, How hard is it to drive?, How much did it cost?,” and “Do you do weddings?” We have a lot of fun with the Anaconda.

Plans for 2005
I saw a story on ABC News about Mark and Sophia Augier, who have three sons with Autism. I was touched by this family and their struggle to keep their boys in the only school that gives them the constant care they need to lead normal lives. If you would like to know more about this story go to www.ABCNews.com and read,
'Out of Darkness a Families Desperate Effort to Save Their Boys From A Life of Isolation.'

I have a plan to raise money to help the Augier family and other children with Autism. I plan to put on the most awesome unforgettable night ride that will last for about four hours. This ride will be in Kansas City and stop at a number of locations. You will experience something that has never been done before! People will be talking about this ride for a very long time!

This is the first of two night rides planned for the Kansas City area. I would like to take the Anaconda to other cities and hold night rides as well. If you would like the Anaconda to come to your city and hold a fund raiser for Autism, or to find out where and when we have rides scheduled, contact me at www.anacondalimo.com or call me at 913-244-6064.

Watch for us, because the Anaconda will be appearing at a number of major events in 2005.

By Smokey McGill

Editor’s Note: For more information about Smokey and the Anaconda, read Stripe’s Interview with Smokey, which was published in our June 2004 issue.

Our December cover girls (from front to back) are Leah Magee, Megan Haws, Becky Hamrick, Lisa Chinn, Denise Bernal, Karla Jones, Malia Duncan and Tina Davis. Santa and Ms Claus are none other than Cycle Connections’ very own Carl Busse and his lovely wife, Patty. Yes, in case you were wondering, Santa still makes house calls.

CC: Shane, what is your occupation?
Shane: I’m a mortgage broker.

CC: Do you have any hobbies other than motorcycling?
Shane: I enjoy offshore powerboats, hot rods and photography. I took most of these photos.

CC: Why do you ride?
Shane: It gives me the outlet I need during the busy work week. For the last two seasons I have been without a boat, so it has been my primary hobby and stress relief.

CC: How long have you been riding?
Shane: Three years.

CC: What was your first bike?
Shane: My first bike was a '01 Honda 600 CBR F4i.

CC: How many bikes have you owned?
Shane: Three. First, the Honda 600 then a '02 Honda 954 RR and now the '03 Suzuki.

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Shane: Just one with another project in the works. I am working on a new turbo bike and possibly a street bike shootout drag bike.

CC: What do you like most about your current bike?
Shane: The respect the Harley guys have given to the bike and the amount of work that went into it; not to mention low 9’s in the quarter @ 157 mph.

CC: What is your dream bike?
Shane: I don’t know if I have one dream bike because I respect them all for what they do well. If I had to pick a bike right now, I guess a custom chopper with a lot of rake and stretch. I love the sheet metal work from Ultracraft Customs in Gardner, Kansas with some Dyno Mike Wilson and Harley Dave Adams horsepower from Gail’s Harley-Davidson.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?
Shane: I have two. One was about two years ago, a friend and I took a trip to our homes on the Lake of the Ozarks and the twisties outside of Sedalia, Missouri were a blast. Then October 6th I received an invitation from Gail of Gail’s Harley-Davidson and Slacker of 99.7KY to ride along during the filming of their TV show, Open Road, which airs on Sunday nights on Metro Sports.

CC: What is your least memorable riding experience?
Shane: My first 600 I had about 300 miles on it and went into a cloverleaf doing about 15 mph and could not get the bike to lean. I decided to run off into the grass and just pull it back onto the road, but as I got closer, the ditch was a little steeper than I anticipated. I froze up and hit the front brake on the shoulder and the bike went out from under me. I landed on my feet. The bike was not so lucky.

CC: Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended and which is your favorite?
Shane: I have ridden in Gail’s Harley-Davidson 9-11 tribute ride, the March of Dimes '04 Bikers for Babies ride, the Kodiac poker run and Freedom Cycles poker run.

CC: Which is your favorite bike night location?
Shane: I like Paddy O’Quigley’s. It seems to have the best space, definitely the best parking lot burgers and a wide selection of beautiful women heading to the night club as the evening wears on. For me, it is also a 25 mile ride each way so I get a chance to stretch the legs on the bike a little.

CC: How many tattoos do you have and which is your favorite?
Shane: I have one on my left shoulder. It is definitely not my favorite. I just have not found a suitable replacement yet. DON’T EVER PUT A WOMAN’S NAME ON YOU, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU LOVE HER (But she has one also).

CC: Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
Shane: I have only been to Ted’s Tattoo on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

CC: Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself?
Shane: Group. It is easier for the other cars to see a group and my bike is pretty quiet, so when I ride with my Harley buddies, they seem to warrant the attention of the car drivers long before we get to them.

CC: Who are some of your closest riding buddies?
Shane: Gale Holsman, a 15 year friend and Dave Magstadt, another 15 year friend. I also enjoy riding with Don and Rosie Dearmore and the Sanzoterra brothers from St. Louis.

CC: Just for fun, which of your riding buddies is the best rider?
Shane: Eric Sanzoterra; without a doubt. He rides a 7 inch street slick drag bike with no wheelie bar @ 7.80 and below @ over 180 mph in the quarter.

CC: Just for fun, which or your riding buddies is the worst rider?
Shane: Chris Nuss…the guy just re-writes Murphy’s Law.

Photos by Shane Sherman

Owner: Shane Sherman
City/State: Overland Park, Kansas

- Fabricated: Quicktime Motorsports in St. Louis, Missouri
- Year:2003
- Make:Suzuki
- Model:GSXR 1000
- Assembly:Quicktime Motorsports
- Assembly Time: One year and one week
- Chromed by: Prepped by Quicktime Motorsports and dipped by Classic Components

- Year & Model: 2003 Suzuki
- Displacement (ci):3mm over stock 1000
- Carburetor: Fuel Injection
- Air Cleaner: Air box with NOS dry shot
- Pipes: Hindle by Brock Davidson Racing Titanium/Stainless

- Year & Model: 2003 Factory
- Shifting: 1 down 5 up with airshift

- Molding: Factory
- Painter: Custom Paint and Powder Coat in St. Louis, Missouri
- Color/Type: House of Color Tangelo with some custom tint and other house of colors hues with custom tints

- Type: Polished factory Suzuki
- Builder: Suzuki
- Rake:Factory
- Stretch:Factory
- Rear Swingarm: By Quicktime Motorsports with a 6 inch over arm and a slider

- Bars: Factory Chromed
- Fenders: Factory
- Headlight: Factory
- Taillight: Factory
- Speedometer: Factory Digital
- Pegs: Factory Chromed
- Gas Tank: Factory with polished fill
- Oil Tank: Factory
- Seat: Factory
- Mirrors: none
- Grips: pro grips

- Type: Factory Chromed
- Extension: Pulled Through 2 inches
- Builder: Suzuki

- Type: Factory Chromed
- Size: 17
- Rim Width: Factory
- Tire: Avon 120/60/17
- Brake: Chromed and shaved factory with dual rotors and calipers

- Type: Factory
- Size: 17
- Rim width: Factory
- Tire: Avon 50/17/200
- Brake: Factory chromed and shaved

Other Information/Features:
- Adjustable lowering arm
- 50 HP Dry Shot NOS system with 2lb custom painted bottle
- On board air compressor and tank
- All plastics are painted with the same graphics and marbleized on the inside as well as the outside (never know when someone might look in there)
- On board Drag strap to remove all travel from the front suspension
- Custom shaved lower fairing for more suspension travel during a launch
- Shaved and filled factory mirror mounts
- Rear fender eliminator kit
- Front flush mount blinkers
- Custom clear drag wind shield
- Hyper pro fully adjustable steering stabilizer
- Riders choice electric drag fans
- 50 mph no clutch roll on burn outs are my favorite thing to do!

Photos by Shane Sherman

This month’s cover girl is Lorie from Raymore, Missouri. Find out more about Lorie by reading her November Cover Page Interview.

Owner: Pablo Palao
City/State: Kansas City, Kansas

Fabricated by: Hellraiser Choppers

Year: 2004

Make: Hellraiser Choppers Spyder Bike

Model: Hardtail Chopper

Assembled by: Hellraiser Choppers

Assembly Time: Five months

Chromed by: None

Year & Model: S&S 113” Show Polished

Rebuilder: Ilya Blond at Hellraiser Chopper

Displacement (ci): 113

Carburetor: S&S Super G

Air Cleaner: S&S

Pipes: Martin Brothers

Year: 2004

Shifting (foot/hand & speeds): 6SP Foot

Molding: Tommy “TOO MUCH” Martin

Painter: Tommy “TOO MUCH” Martin

Color/Type: Red – Black Web

Year/Type: 2004

Builder: Hellraiser Choppers

Rake: 40

Stretch: 6

Rear Swingarm: Hardtail

Bars: Hellraiser Choppers

Fenders: Hellraiser Choppers

Headlight: Headwinds

Taillight: Drag

Speedometer: None

Pegs: Midwest

Gas Tank: Hellraiser Choppers

Oil Tank: Pro-Street Frame Works

Seat: George at Classic

Mirrors: CCI

Grips: CCI

Type: Midwest

Extension: 16” Over

Builder: Hellraiser Choppers

Type: Avon

Size: 80/90/21

Rim width: 2.15

Tire: 2.25

Brake: HHI

Type: Vinom

Size: 250

Rim width: 8.5

Tire: 250

Brake: HHI

Photos by Mike Schweder and Wayne Thompson