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Double Shot - Out of the Garage and Onto the Stage

Written by  May 31, 2007

Sometimes you start out doing something for fun and somewhere along the way, something special happens. Double Shot is a prime example of just this type of magic.
What started out as nothing more than some friends jamming in a garage for fun is now becoming one of the Northland’s favorite biker-friendly bands. Our buddy Bob Wagers, owner of Logan’s Sports Bar in Dearborn, Missouri, one of our favorite watering holes, had invited us out to check out a “garage band” playing in his bar. We were of course skeptical. Imagine our surprise to find out this so-called “garage band” kicked ass. The music we heard ranged from tunes by Pink Floyd (featuring Curtis Baker’s phenomenal keyboards) to more traditional southern rock fare. We were even more surprised to find the bass player was an old friend of Stephanie’s.

Double Shot consists of: Curtis Baker (lead vocals/keyboards/guitar); Dave Bryan (drums/vocals); Kevin Bryan (guitar/vocals); and Stephanie’s friend, R.L. Brightwell (bass/guitar). The boys of Double Shot know exactly what to play to keep the bike crowd dancing and singing. A set list that is varied but predominately rock based makes sitting still in your seat a non-option. We have listened to the band indoors as well as at two outdoor events and they sound great in both surroundings.

When we sat down with Davey and R.L. for for Stephanie’s interview, the guys kept expressing one thing “we love to play for bikers.” Part of this is probably due to the fact that R.L. rides a Harley scooter, but the boys also expressed an appreciation for the energy a biker crowd reflects back at them. Another bright spot regarding Double Shot is how they expressed to us they are not in the music game to get rich. This should make them very popular for bikers needing event entertainment on a budget.

If you are looking for some kick-ass tunes for your next bike-related or other event, Double Shot can be contacted at 816-365-0055.

CC: Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Dave: I’m Dave Bryan. I’m from Platte City, Missouri. I grew up there, messed around with some local bands down there, ran sound for some local bands.