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8th Annual Lyla Ride with the "Faith Riders"

Written by  May 29, 2019

  The 8th Annual Lyla Ride started at the Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Leeds Alabama on Saturday April the 20th, 2019  


A brief bio on princess warrior Lyla from mom Rachel:

“ Lyla was born full term and we were able to take her home from the hospital. Shortly after arriving home, Lyla had her first “episode”. She appeared to be having a seizure and quit breathing for what seemed like forever. Over the next few weeks, she would be in and out of Children’s trying to figure out what was going on. She didn’t have standard reflux, so when she ate, she would choke, arch her back, and it would come back up out of her nose. She wouldn’t breathe the entire time while the formula was coming back out because her airway was blocked. At 7 weeks, she had her first big surgery. She has a fundoplication and a g-tube placed to be able to feed her through her abdomen. Lyla continued to have numerous GI and feeding issues. We were sent to different hospitals in hopes to find out a reason. She was diagnosed with Sandifer syndrome. Lyla would have times where she would do great, then other times that she was fighting to live. When Lyla was 9.5 months old she had a major pyloroplasty surgery and we almost lost her that day. Following that surgery, she struggled to maintain her blood sugar levels and it seemed her body was shutting down. She dropped down to 11, which is life threatening, and she was unresponsive. We began the search of our lives to find a specialist to help.       We arrived at Children’s New Orleans the week before her first birthday and that week changed our lives forever. After days of testing, the doctor had a plan. He wanted to start her on a medication that wasn’t clinically studied on children; much less babies, and it had scary side effects. We were to the point that we could handle side effects as long as it worked. It was truly our miracle. Within 7 days after arrival, Lyla was learning to suck a bottle and laughing. She has a few revision surgeries following that, but she has been a completely healthy little girl ever since. She is now has a little sister, Lucy, whom she adores and they are both our miracle girls. God could have called Lyla home at any point, but I believe he has a purpose for her here on this earth. The ride started as a fundraiser to help with the ever-rising costs of medical bills, but then it transitioned to a charity event where every dime benefits the Ronald McDonald house. The Ronald McDonald house is such a huge blessing for families that are in the most stressful fight of their lives. 

Today, she loves playing with her sister, cousin, friends, and puppy, Dasher. She is very girly loving all things pink, purple, and teal. We recently moved back from Florida, where she has grown up around the coast and is a little fish”. 

 This year’s ride was a marble run which demonstrates Evangelism with marble colors. Each marble is worth points and the colors have different meanings, taken from the bible.

  After drawing their first marble at Cedar Grove Baptist Church, the ride then headed to New Life Baptist Church in Odenville for the 2nd marble, then on to Col. Robert L. Howard Veterans Home in Pell City for the 3rd marble, then on to Riverside Baptist Church in Riverside for the 4th marble, then up the road to Hephzibah Baptist Church in Talladega for the 5th marble before heading out to their final destination and 6th marble, back where the ride originated, Cedar Grove Baptist Church where they enjoyed lunch, gave away some door prizes, fellowship and awarded the winner (the one who had the most points from their marbles) a $100.00 custom made knife from Gerald Gann.