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Alabama Speed Club Wheels and Wings Show at Hooters in Trussville, Alabama

Written by  March 15, 2018

On Saturday March the 3rd, Ash and Nick with the Alabama Speed Club brought out one of the first outdoor shows of the 2018 season at Hooters in Trussville, Alabama.

We brought Harley Jane (our bulldog) so we could show off my Harley while Leigh was showing off his. She draws almost as much attention as the bike does!


We got there early to get a good spot for the V-Rod, also got some good pictures with a few of the cute Hooters girls. One of the ladies, Ms Kacie Rae, was Alabama’s representative for this year’s calendar. That’s a pretty cool accomplishment. She and Ms Sav also got a kick out of Ms Harley Jane.

Getting there early also gave us a ringside seat for all of the awesomeness as it rolled in. Some of the cool “ole guys” were already there and set up, sadly for us, they didn’t log in very much ”hang-time”.

We actually ran into a blast from the past; Gordon Rickles, owner of the Harley shop back in the day, who was there with his wife and a really nice, “as is” big ass Cadillac.

And “Bumble Bee” buzzed in for an appearance. Always get a kick out of seeing him and his owner, Paula Swafford, so does everyone else!

The only trophy they gave away was a (pretty cool) homemade trophy for the Fan Favorite that they all voted on.

And we got to eat “Shrimp Tacos”! Never had them before but they were actually pretty good!