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2017 Sparks America Halloween Bash - Sparks, Oklahoma

Written by  November 25, 2017

Around Halloween time every year, Sparks America Campground plays host to a huge Halloween Biker Bash. The dates for the 2017 event were October 19 through 22.  Travel weather was good on Thursday, and I arrived in time to get my tent set up before dark and head over to the playground where karaoke singers provided the evening entertainment. 

Friday’s agenda began with all sorts of games including people games, golf cart games, and, of course, bike games.  There were plenty of competitors in all of the events including Butt Darts, Tampon Race, Plant Ride, Drunk Driving, Golf Cart Blind Driver, Golf Cart Ring Toss, Golf Cart Basketball Shoot,  Hungry Hippo, Tire Roll, Slow Cone Race, Twinkie Eating, Sex Positions, Blind Man’s Bluff, and Ring Toss.  Evening music was provided by Blind Date and Red Sawyer and some on-stage adult contests.

Saturday would be a full day beginning with the bike show with the awards presentation at noon.  Bullfrog from Lamar, Arkansas, was the Best in Show winner with his bike from the Import Cruiser class.  Saturday’s games were Slow Race, Doubles Slow Race, Keg Toss (men’s and women’s), Keg Roll, Newlywed Game, Weenie Bite, Cherry Bite, Balloon Toss, Straw-in-the-Bottle, Dirt Drags, Tire Drags, “Honey, I’m Home,” and Chase the Rabbit.  The crew did a great job of keeping the process well organized, a necessity due to the forecast for severe thunderstorms later in the day.  Awards were presented for best tattoos, longest hair, longest beard, longest ride to the event, and best decorated campsite (won by Richard and Brandi who had earlier invited me to share their chili and cornbread that was delicious).

The new Miss Sparks America, Lacee Smith from Kearney, Oklahoma, was crowned with three of the four previous Miss Sparks America winners present - Red, Honey, and Lana.  Only Breezy was missing.  Woody’s auction of fine chain-saw art items was next with a portion of the funds raised being donated to a scholarship fund. 

Throughout the event, many for those in attendance showed off great costumes.  The costume contest was scheduled to take place during the break between the performances of New Dynasty and Str8ght Shot.  However, Mother Nature interfered.  During New Dynasty’s performance, the expected rain arrived.  There wasn’t as much wind as was feared, but the downpour forced everyone to take cover.  Some went to the bar, some to motorhomes, campers, or tents, and some to the second stage.  When it became obvious that the rain would not let up, it was decided to go ahead with the costume contest.  Logistics were a problem, since the stage where the contest was to take place was full of people taking shelter from the storm.  Lori did a great job of getting people who were in the contest to move to the center of the stage and those who were not to move to the perimeter.  Prizes were awarded for Best Men’s, Best Women’s, Best Couples’, Most Original, and Best Overall.  Although many of the costumes were not in the competition due to the weather, those entered were very cool and deserving of their awards.  

Events at Sparks America are always a blast, and the annual Biker Halloween Bash was no exception. Thanks go to Robert, Brenda, and their staff for their efforts in putting on a great party. For more information on Sparks America events, and the 2018 event schedule please visit the Sparks America website.  Congrats to all who won awards.


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