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2016 Sparks Halloween Bash - Sparks, Oklahoma

Written by  November 24, 2016

Every year around Halloween time, Sparks America Campground plays host to a huge Halloween Biker Bash. This year’s event happened on the weekend of October 20 through 23. It was cold and wet as I left the Kansas City area behind and headed for Sparks, Oklahoma, where the weather was, thankfully, warmer and dry. When I arrived, I learned that in addition to all of the usual biker events there would also be a wedding. Friday evening, Jessie and James would be married on the Sparks America stage. Jessie is the daughter of Willy and Bambi who are well known and loved by all of the Sparks regulars.

Thursday night was a cold one, but there was still a good crowd gathered around bonfires listening to live music provided by Kwik Sand. Bike and people games were scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. Friday, but it was a bit later before enough spectators and competitors showed up at the playground to get things started. There were plenty of games on the agenda to keep everyone entertained all afternoon. The events included Golf Cart Blind Man, Golf Cart Blind Man, Slow Cone Race, Plank Ride, Tampon Race, Golf Cart Ring Toss, Golf Cart Basketball, Drop in the Bucket, Drunk Driving, Hula Hoop Toss (over kegs), Twinkie Eating, Blind Man’s Bluff, Quick Start, Hungry Hippo, Dizzy Race, Barrel Race, Newlywed Game, Titty Licking, and Sex Positions. The young couple who would be married that night were encouraged to participate in the people games. The Newlywed Game provided a perfect opportunity to play a trick on the groom-to-be. It’s the game where one partner has a plumber’s helper (plunger) between his legs and, while blindfolded, attempts to insert the handle through a roll of toilet paper held between his partner’s legs guided by the partner’s verbal instructions. Upon removing his blindfold, James was shocked to discover that Jessie had been replaced by Naked Mike. It was quite entertaining.

The wedding took place Friday evening with Tracy “Woody” Daniels officiating. The couple had a very large group of bikers and others on hand to observe the ceremony and wish them the best. Congrats to James and Jessie! Friday night’s bands were Blind Date and Trench Monkeys.

After another cold night, Saturday’s festivities began with a bike show. Sign-up began at 9:00 a.m. and winners were announced at noon. There were lots of cool scoots entered. Following the bike show, everyone migrated to the drag strip where the dirt drags and tire drags were contested. This year, the dirt drags were run side-by-side for 300 rather than the usual 100 feet. They were not done bracket style. Instead, the best time of all the competitors determined the winner.

Next, everyone returned to the playground for the Slow Races (singles and two-up), Potato Race, Keg Toss (men’s and women’s), Keg Roll, Straw-in-the-Bottle, Weenie Bite, Cherry Bite, Balloon Toss, Chase the Rabbit, Buff the Woody, Double Pickle Licking, and “Honey, I’m Home.” Once again, the games provided a full afternoon’s entertainment.

Each year during the Halloween Bash, a new Miss Sparks America is selected to participate in promotions for Sparks’ events during her 12-month reign. Collette “Breezy” Morrison crowned her successor, Lana Morrison-Miller, with past honorees Jana and “Biker Red” looking on. After the crowning, several individuals received plaques in recognition of their contributions to the success of events. Included were Lori, Joe, Jennifer, John, Rockin’ Rooster, Johnny, Mike, Rick, and Willy. Pete Horne and Kim McGilvrey were recognized for donating brightly painted butt cans that were placed all over the campground to help keep the place neat, and Amanda Howard received a special “Pro-vert” award. Prizes were presented for best tattoos, longest hair (47 inches), longest beard (20 inches), and longest ride to the rally (1,294 miles from Sun City, Florida). 

At 6 p.m. chainsaw art by “Woody” was auctioned. Some works of art in metal were also sold. A portion of the proceeds went to a scholarship fund. Rally host Robert Butler said, “I want to thank Johnny Stretch, Tracy Daniels, Rockin Rooster’, and everyone who has contributed to make the Sparks America Scholarship possible.” At the Kids’ Halloween Bash on November 5th, the sum of $4,143.50 was presented to scholarship winner Dornica Graves.

Saturday night bands were New Dynasty and Red Sawyer. The playground and vendor area were full of people in costume. Witches, zombies, cave people, gypsies, convicts, police officers, vampires, jesters and many other costumed characters roamed the grounds. There was a Tyrannosaurus Rex that must have been at least eight feet tall. Costumes representing our current president and our former Secretary of State were not flattering (Oklahoma being a solid red state).  Between bands, the annual Halloween costume contest was held. There were cash prizes in five categories – men, women, couples, groups, and most unique. The winners were determined by audience applause, and the selections were not easy with so many great costumes.

Events at Sparks America are always a blast, and the annual Biker Halloween Bash was no exception. Thanks go to Robert, Brenda, and their staff for their efforts in putting on a great party. For more information on Sparks America events, please visit the Sparks America website.  Congrats to all who won awards.

Here’s the 2017 Schedule:

St. Patty’s Day Rally – March 16-19

B.A.C.A.’s Easter Egg Hunt for Kids – April 15

Oklahoma Bike Week – June 15-25

Mud Stock – July 20-23

L.S.P.D. Party – September 8 and 9

Halloween Biker Bash – October 19-22

Kids’ Halloween Bash – October 28


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