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Chow Call at the Veteran’s Brotherhood – Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  August 30, 2016

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, after leaving a memorial ride we had been on earlier, we headed over to the Birmingham, Alabama chapter of the Veteran’s Brotherhood for Chow Call.

On the menu was “Butts” that had been carefully overseen by “Wild Bill” and chapter Prez Charlie and the guys, while several of the ladies, Lisa, Mama Jean, Little Kim, Big Kim, Robin and myself pulled together the sides and sweets. From 1 p.m. until after dark, Lisa, Mama Jean, and little Kim slaved over the hot stove and food table, pulling pork and building plates for the constant stream of folks.

It was a great day to be out visiting, which I guess was one reasons why the front yard was pretty well filled when we rolled up. We even passed a group of folks we had done the memorial ride with earlier, who had already came by, grabbed a bite, and were leaving.

Many people put items in the offering for the door prizes. Cycle Connections put in a T-Shirt and a couple of Doo-Rags to add to the table that was filled with all sorts of goodies.

Newlywed Tracy won the 50/50 draw, taking home over $140. Not bad, considering she didn’t decide to get a ticket until right before the drawing. She got the one that counted anyway!

Before dark we had a pretty nice little rainstorm blow through. That was ok too though; because we enjoyed each other’s company enough to make a party out of being forced inside for a brief period.

After all that fun and food it was time to “Pie in the face” birthday boy “Hurricane.” I felt a little sorry for him (very little), because they whip-creamed him several times; a few times in the ear, and even a little on the back. Then on to the birthday cake!

We were very glad to see such a large turnout, and to see all the different clubs. It was pretty awesome, enjoyed the company, and everyone left STUFFED!