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10th Annual “Mad Dog” Memorial Ride – Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  August 30, 2016

It was such a beautiful day as we rolled up for the 10th year memorial ride for one of the sweetest, most loved men we have had the honor of knowing and calling a friend. For 10 years now, Larry “Mad Dog” Rogers has been a VERY missed man.

Everyone gathered at Thunder Inn in Birmingham, Alabama, where Marcy was waiting to get everyone started on their beer breakfast. As we waited for the rest of the riders to roll in, people started sharing some “Dog” stories.

We were so very thankful for those who showed up for this ride, and I know his son Jacob and daughter Jenah were grateful as well.

We then took a really nice ride over to the cemetery where the “beer truck” showed up, with not only beer, but ice cold water, which was a very nice touch and quite welcomed!

We all had a toast to “Dog,” and then Big Dan broke out the “Shine,” passed it around, and gave him a shot!

Miss your huge heart and heart-warming smiles, Love you man! R.I.P