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2015 Sparks Halloween Bash-Sparks, Oklahoma

Written by  November 26, 2015


Travel weather on Thursday, October 22, was cool and wet. Still, plenty of bikers headed for Sparks America Campground near tiny Sparks, Oklahoma for the annual Biker Halloween Bash. Live music was scheduled for every night of the party including Skillet Lickers (Thursday), Blue Trixter and Blind Date (Friday), and New Dynasty and Lip Service (Saturday), so there was plenty of entertainment after the sun went down. The daylight hours, as always, were also packed with fun entertainment.

On Friday morning, the “Playground” area was damp from rain that fell during the day Thursday and overnight, so the game schedule was heavy on people games and light on bike games to keep the surface at its best for Saturday’s main event, the $1,000 Ultimate Slow Ride competition. As the day progressed, the sun came out bringing warm temperatures and significant drying. As a result, more of the bike games were added to the Friday schedule. New for this party were a few games for the golf cart riders. Nice plaques were awarded for Butt Darts, Tampon Race, Newlywed Game, Blind Man’s Bluff, Golf Cart Blind Man Race, Golf Cart Basketball Toss, Drunk Driving (simulated), Keg Toss (his and hers), Twinkie Eating, Titty Licking, Doubles Pickle Licking, Slow Cone Race, Dirty Laundry, Pig Tail Race, Quick Start, Dizzy Race, Ring Toss (golf cart and motorcycle), Sex Positions (How many do you know, and how fast can you assume the positions?), and Golf Cart Sweep the Floor. After a full afternoon of games, there was still plenty of time to visit the many merchandise vendors and enjoy food and drinks from various food vendors. During Friday night band breaks, more competition (adult style) took over the stage.

Saturday’s bike show featured lots of fine scoots with the best in show award going to Randy from Springdale, Arkansas, for his 2003 Harley-Davidson Ultra. Next, at noon, it was time for the weekend’s main event. A special slow ride competition was held with a $1,000 cash prize for the winner. With so much money at stake, the way the competition was structured differed significantly from the normal process. Two riders went through the course side by side, but they were competing against the clock rather than against each other. Electronic timing equipment normally used for the dirt drags was set up so that each bike started and stopped the clock at the start and finish lines, respectively. Each rider’s two attempts were run back-to-back with one run in each lane. There was no time recorded for a run that included a foot down or a bike out of the course. Extra judges were in position to make sure all of the rules were strictly enforced. Extreme concentration was required, since slow ride events are normally done with elimination brackets, and a run is over when one rider fouls or crosses the finish line. In this case, with the clock being the opponent, each biker had to focus on his own effort and disregard whatever was going on in the other lane. When it was over, Slow Roll Joe had the best time. Since Joe’s skill is well known, and he is a frequent winner in the games, his win surprised nobody. Joe generously donated his winnings back to Sparks America.

Once the special event concluded, the remaining games were contested. Those included Doubles Slow Race, Balloon Toss, Weenie Bite, Cherry Bite, Straw in the Bottle, Potato Race (using tennis balls), Keg Roll, Buff the Woody, and Plank Ride. Competitors and spectators migrated to the dirt drag strip for 100-Foot Drags and Tire Drags and returned to the Playground for “Honey, I’m Home.”

At 5:30 the competition for Miss Sparks America concluded with the honor going to Breezy. Biker Red and Honey, the two previous winners, were on hand to congratulate the latest winner. Breezy will be called on to make public appearances over the following year, representing and promoting Sparks America. Awards were presented for the tattoo contest, longest beard (Booger-12-1/2 inches), longest hair (Blackhawk-42 inches), and longest ride to event (Shannon-375 miles from Copperas Cove, Texas).

Chainsaw art by Woody was auctioned with proceeds donated in the form of a scholarship to the winner of an essay contest open to Lincoln County high school seniors. The best of 41 essays was judged to be the one submitted by Allison Hilburn of Meeker High School. Allison aspires to a career in the field of gynecology. She is especially interested in the miracle of childbirth.

Throughout the weekend, Halloween attire was on display, and the Saturday evening crowd featured an abundance of spectacular costumes. There were cops and convicts, penguins, Santa and Mrs. Claus, witches, cave people, demons, zombies, a naughty nun, a cat lady, Cheech and Chong, a flower child, Dorothy and Scarecrow, Beetlejuice, a female Freddy Krueger, a male Tinker Bell, Poison Ivy, a giant werewolf, a resident of Dr. Suess’ Whoville, and a human mammogram machine, to name a few. At 10:00 p.m. the annual costume contest took to the stage with cash prizes for best male, best female, best couple, best group, and most unique. There were so many great costumes, it took nearly an hour to go through all of the classes. Since winners were selected by applause, the judges had a tough task, with many contestants drawing long and loud ovations from the audience.

Events at Sparks America are always a blast, and the annual Biker Halloween Bash was no exception. Thanks go to Robert, Brenda, and their staff for their efforts in putting on a great party. For more information on Sparks America events, please visit the Sparks America website.  Congrats to all who won awards.



Bike Show winners:

American Cruiser-Ken Howard-Carney, Oklahoma-’05 Springer

American Touring-Randy-Springdale, Arkansas-’03 Ultra Classic

American Sport-Mr. Adventure-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-’07 Sportster

American Custom-Debbie Caldwell-Lawton, Oklahoma-’06 Dyna

Antique-Tim Rickel-Weatherford, Oklahoma-’66 Hodaka

Import Custom-Michael Smith-Springdale, Arkansas-’06 Yamaha

Import Touring-Tim Rickel-Weatherford, Oklahoma-’97 Valkyrie

Import Sport-Zig Zag-Wichita, Kansas-’06 Triumph

Import Cruiser-Red-Moore, Oklahoma-’06 Yamaha V-Star

Classic-Rick-Bethel, Oklahoma-’77 Low Rider

MC Trike-John Cutright-Byron, Oklahoma-’05 Fat Boy

Custom Trike-Spook-Seminole, Oklahoma-’64 Custom Trike

Rat Trike-Bo Cousins-Shawnee, Oklahoma-’74 Shovelhead

Best of Show-Randy- Randy-Springdale, Arkansas-’03 Ultra Classic



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