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Rod Creamer Benefit Concert & Campout – Urich, Missouri

Written by  October 30, 2015

On October 17, 2015, a group of bikers from the Kansas City area met at the Grand River Rally Campgrounds in Urich, MO to support a favorite tattoo artist who had been injured. Rod Creamer, owner of Sideshow Tattoo in Sugar Creek, Missouri had fallen down a flight of stairs and shattered two vertebrae. Having no insurance, the medical bills were weighing heavily on his family.

Todd Talley, owner of the campground, decided to through a party with donations going towards Rod’s bills. The band “Southern Bounty” offered to play for free, and they rocked for four hours!

Many came dressed for the Halloween costume contest and had great fun interacting with each other as their characters before parading on stage during one of the band breaks.

Everyone had a great time as you can see in the photos from the night and raised $2,164 to help Rod pay his medical bills.