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Big Skinny & Karen’s Biker Wedding

Written by  September 27, 2015

On Saturday, August the 22nd 2015, one of the most anticipated events of the year took place at the Saints Club House in Huntsville, Alabama, where “Big Skinny” and Karen Neely joined their souls together in marriage.

It was a beautiful morning as folks rode in from all over the state to help celebrate this wedding that would be responsible for bringing together such a wide diversity of bikers that you would not normally see in one spot, a Détente of sorts in the biker community.

We loved it, there were maybe a couple hundred folks who showed up, bikes parked all around the place and cars filled up the side parking area, where there were a few people camped out, some camped out at the Microtel Hotel up the road, that’s were we hooked up with a couple of them along with our friends Dan & Jean Rawlins to head over to the club house.

As soon as we walked up we were greeted by the smell of some really good eats that the guys had been working on all weekend. There was a big white tent set up with tables and chairs and the table where the German Chocolate grooms cake, the decorated layer cake (skulls & all) sat next to the sheet cake used for cutting and serving. They were pretty awesome looking. Sitting on the table with those beautiful cakes were the beautiful (if I do say so myself) hand designed glasses that were used in the toast. J

Where they chose to be married was really pretty sitting back there next to the river with a stage set up at the rivers edge. The stage was just large enough to hold the wedding party and was nicely decorated with an arch that had plants sitting on either side, and chairs out in front of it in the grass.

Karen was wearing a really pretty, sassy red short dress that fit her personality perfectly. Her son’s, Billy Holland, Lucky Giles and James LeFan were by her side as they walked to the alter.

Karen’s Maid of Honor, Sissy Reyes and Skinny’s “Best Girl” Marcy were escorted down by Skinny’s Best Man, Vander Hill. Both of the ladies were wearing these really cute black & white short dresses with a little “poof” to them! If you only knew how “rare” and really nice it was to see these women in a DRESS! Waiting for them up on the stage was Skinny, dressed in jeans, nice white shirt and his Nomad- Saints vest on that had a single white rose pinned to it, standing next to him was their officiate, Rich, sporting his Tribe Of Judah vest.

It was a beautiful and moving ceremony, for all of us watching as well as all of the participants. Most everyone was moved to tears, it was a big “awe” moment for sure!

The ceremony wrapped up with Skinny and Karen “Jumping the broom into their new life together”. Too funny, but not the big funny, that came before the wedding when Best Girl, Marcy stood in front of the fan to generate some cool air under her dress, SO many people were looking in anticipation only to discover that she had on a pair of shorts under the dress, so funny, we all got a big kick out of it!

Skinny’s mother and Dad, Beverly and Al Prinz along with sister Susan were among the first to congratulate the new couple, then there was the mother of the bride, Denisa Vinyard and father Danny Neely with his girlfriend, Dianne, then there was another special person in Skinny’s life, “Ms. Scatch” who has been a”Saints Sister” longer than any of the living Saints members, pretty cool, kinda like being in the presence of Saints Royalty! Later all the Saints Sister’s gathered out back by the river in the tree swing for a photo with the bride, Karen.

After a brief photo opportunity it was on to the reception area where there was so much food, pulled pork, grilled chicken, sausage, oh man, it just went on & on. There was stuff inside and outside and don’t forget the cakes. There definitely was no one who left hungry.

For those of us who were stuffed, we had only to wait a bit for Monty, Chip, “Rock” (Drifter’s RC)& “Bull” (D D’s) to kick start the party back out on the stage. People partied with them a while then back to eat again, then party for a while… you see where this is going… the party just rocked on into the night!

Wish you a Happy long life together! Ride-On!