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Lost Girls MC 10TH Annual Breast Cancer Ride – Visalia, California

Written by  November 29, 2014

The Lost Girls MC 10th Annual Breast Cancer Ride was held on October 5, 2014 in Visalia, California. The theme for this year’s ride was “Tutus for TATAs.” This was also the first year the boys were allowed to join the girls.

Registration was held at Sequoia Imaging Center in Visalia, California, and over 120 motorcyclists showed up to support this awesome cause. The kickstands went up and the girls departed for their ride first, followed by the men.

The ride ended at Blake and Amy’s Om Nom Nom Café in Lemon Cove, California, and a delicious lunch was served by the café’s awesome crew. Thank you Blake and Amy!

After everyone filled their bellies, there was a tutu contest, winners of the high and low poker hand were revealed, the raffle prizes were given out, and the 50/50 winner was selected. Many local business donated prizes for the breast cancer ride. If you are in the Central California area, please check out the pic of the sponsor banner and support these generous local businesses.

Several breast cancer survivors and family members of those who lost their battle with breast cancer spoke. It was a very enlightening experience to hear the stories of survival and the stories from the family members of people who have lost the fight. It was also a time to remind ladies to do their monthly self-breast exam, and to get their annual mammogram. It was also brought to everyone’s attention that men also have a 3%-5% chance of getting breast cancer.

Over the past nine years, the Lost Girls MC has donated over $80,000 to the Lost Girls Breast Cancer funds at Sequoia Imaging Center. They are going to donate $10,000 this year, too! The monies go into the Lost Girls MC Breast Cancer accounts. One account is designated to assist ladies under the age of 35, who cannot afford a mammogram, MRI, and breast biopsy if needed, and to get needed exams. The other account is designated to assist women over 40 with a mammogram, MRI, and breast biopsy.

The Lost Girls MC worked furiously over the last few months to put this ride together for a most worthy cause! Thank you LOST GIRLS MC!