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Dodge City 300 Centennial Racing - Dodge City, Kansas

Written by  July 28, 2014


On July 4 the sport of motorcycle racing returned to Dodge City, Kansas, on a very small track but in a very big way. When the organizers of the Dodge City 300 Centennial celebration began drafting their schedule of events, it was only natural that racing would be included. Initially, the plan was for the competition to take place on the 1/8-mile clay oval at Dodge City Raceway Park, but a scheduling conflict developed with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, so an alternative location was required. After some imaginative planning, it was decided that the Dodge City Roundup rodeo arena could be adapted for a short track racing event. Hay bales were laid out in an oval pattern to mark the inside of the racing surface, and more bales were set up to keep the competitors separated from the steel fences around the arena perimeter. The surface was soft and sandy, and the term “flat track” racing was never more appropriate since there was no banking at all. It was a unique setup to test the considerable skills and adaptability of the racers.

Attracted by the lure of racing competition as well as a considerable amount of prize money ($11,000 total with $2,000 for the 450 pro winner), 85 riders registered for the event. As part of the Great Plains Flat Track Series, the race featured amateur and professional riders on vintage and modern motorcycles as well as quads. More than 1,500 spectators had a great view of the competition. The event went smoothly thanks to the efficient work of flagman Randy Koster and his staff. There were a few delays resulting from crashes and one fairly long delay for track maintenance prior to the feature races. The qualifying races had left some significant ruts that needed to be smoothed out in the interest of rider safety and to maximize the quality of the competition for the benefit of the audience. One rider had the misfortune of suffering a broken collarbone, but the other crashes thankfully did not result in significant injuries, and in most cases the fallen competitor was able to rejoin the field for the restart. Racers ranging in age from five to over 60 put on a great show. Little Amriel in the 50 cc class really won the hearts of the crowd and was welcomed with enthusiastic applause every time her little #10 Yamaha was on the track. Racing went on from about 5:00 p.m. until almost 11:00 p.m. Everyone would like to see this become an annual event in Dodge City and hopefully move to the larger track in the years to come.

Here are the overall results:

50 CC

1-#6R-COB-Reece Pottorf, Highland, KS

2-#10-YAM-Amriel Whitney, Wichita, KS

65 CC

1-#11G-HON-Tayton Shelman, Wichita, KS

2-#3-HON-Keegan David, Wichita, KS

3-#20-HON-Zeke Kraft, Burrton, KS

4-#24-KAW-Eli Kraft, Burrton, KS

85 CC

1-#11G-HON-Tayton Shelman, Wichita, KS

2-#98-HON-Ryder Peterson, McPherson, KS

3-#24-HON-Eli Kraft, Burrton, KS

4-#3-HON-Keegan Davis, Wichita, KS

5-#20-HON-Zeke Kraft, Burrton, KS

150 CC sponsored by Joe Klingler

1-#3-HON-Jeno Babcock, Fall River, KS

1-#35-HON-Dan Clarke, Mount Hope, KS

2-#99-HON-Patrick Decook, Kansas City, KS

3-#158-KAW-Jim Bell, Hoisington, KS

4-#98-HON-Ryder Peterson, McPherson, KS

250 CC

1-#6-HON-Martin Walter, Washington, KS

2-#35-HON-Dan Clarke, Mount Hope, KS

3-#8-HON-Austin Turtle DeBoard, Wichita, KS

4-#28E-HON-Matthew Waldman, Oark, KS

5-#20-YAM-Michael Walter, Washington, KS

6-#7-HON-Seth DeBoard, Wichita, KS

Modern Open Am

1-#6-HON-Martin Walter, Washington, KS

2-#28E-HON-Matthew Waldman, Oark, KS

3-#99-HON-Patrick Decook, Kansas City, KS

4-#20-YAM-Michael Walter, Washington, KS

5-#33-YAM-Billy Smith, Pfeifer, KS

Vintage 400

1-#14-YAM-Billy Smith, Pfeifer, KS

2-#4-BUL-Bill Snyder, Manhattan, KS

3-#29-BUL-Walter Cook

Vintage Open Am

1-#4-BUL-Bill Snyder, Manhattan, KS

2-#62-BUL-Walter Cook

3-#10D-YAM-Mark Pottorf, Highland, KS

Open Pro

1-#13-YAM-Scott Raine, Mayetta, KS

1-#35-HON-Will Cato

2-#10G-HON-Hunter King, Mounds, OK

3-#46-HON-Aaron Lindfors, Salina, KS

4-#33G-YAM-Brandon Werner, Byers, CO

5-#31G-HON-Dylan Bell, Hoisington, KS

6-#22G-HON-Dalton Bell, Hoisington, KS

7-#55I-KTM-Kole King, IA

8-#22I-HON-Michael Toon, Goddard, KS

9-#47G-HON-Colt Chebultz, Manhattan, KS

10-#88G-HON-Kent Briggs, Manhattan, KS

11-#1-HON-Jeremy Werner, Plainville, KS

12-#33-YAM-Eric Bland, Thornton, CO

13-#13G-KAW-Cody Raine, Mayetta, KS

450 Pro sponsored by Salina Honda/Harley-Davidson

1-#33G-YAM-Brandon Werner, Byers, CO

1-#35-HON-Will Cato

2-#10G-HON-Hunter King, Mounds, OK

3-#55I-KTM-Kole King, IA

4-#1-HON-Jeremy Werner, Plainville, KS

5-#31G-HON-Dylan Bell, Hoisington, KS

6-#22G-HON-Dalton Bell, Hoisington, KS

7-#22I-HON-Michael Toon, Goddard, KS

8-#88G-HON-Kent Briggs, Manhattan, KS

9-#46-HON-Aaron Lindfors, Salina, KS

10-#47G-HON-Colt Chebultz, Manhattan, KS

11-#33-YAM-Eric Bland, Thornton, CO

12-#13G-KAW-Cody Raine, Mayetta, KS

Vintage 250-600 Pro

1-#13-YAM-Scott Raine, Mayett, KS

1-#58-YAM-Terry DeBoard, Wichita, KS

2-#33-YAM-Eric Bland, Thornton, CO

3-#15-YAM- Bill Walker, Oklahoma City, OK

4-#76-YAM-Mike Scarsella, Silver City, NM

5-#10G-YAM-Johnny Isaacs, Bristow, OK

6-#50-YAM-Jake Latimer, Casper, WY

7-#34-YAM-Dick Sherbondy, Stockton, KS

Vintage Twins

1-#10G-BSA-Johnny Isaacs, Bristow, OK

2-#67-YAM-Terry DeBoard, Wichita, KS

3-#15-YAM-Bill Walker, Oklahoma City, OK

4-#34-YAM-Dick Sherbondy, Stockton, KS

5-#38-TRI-“King” Kirk Anderson, Tulsa, OK

Quad Pro

1-#63-YAM-Jerry Jones, Norton, KS

2-#24-SUZ-Brian Bookout

3-#79-YAM-Hollister Jones, Ellis, KS

4-#16-SUZ-Jennifer Bookout

5-#M99-HON-Dustin Miller, Wamego, KS

6-#17-HON-Jon Tarn

Vet 40 Am

1-#56-YAM-Darin Combs, Enid, OK

2-#35-HON-Dan Clarke, Mount Hope, KS

3-#21-HON-Dallas Babcock, Fredonia, KS

Open Knobby

1-#13-YAM-Nick Franzitta, Cimarron, KS

2-#715-KAW-Kevin Dowell, Harper, KS

In addition to the short track event, dirt drag racing was held Saturday afternoon at the horse racing track. A crew from A.B.A.T.E. of Kansas - District 11 was in charge. There were plenty of quads, but very few motorcycles turned out. Dodge City has a rich history of motorcycle competition, and more information is available on the Dodge City 300 website.



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