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4th Annual MLB & SOB First Ride - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Written by  May 1, 2014

The start of the riding season party in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that was founded four years ago by myself, Doc Lonnie (photographer here at Cycle Connections and leader of the MLB biker group), had its fourth edition on the weekend of April 11-13.

The Swiss Holiday Resort again welcomed us as the headquarters for the gathering. Like always, they were very accommodating to the needs of bikers. The Cathouse Lounge/Pied Piper Pub in downtown Eureka Springs again welcomed us with open arms, libations, and good food as people started arriving on Friday afternoon. The resorts, bars, and restaurants of Eureka Springs filled quickly with members of our group on Friday afternoon and evening until we had members of our two groups from five different states in town with the farthest being a couple that flew in from California.

We had an informal gathering around a bonfire and outdoor hot tub at the headquarters resort until the early morning hours of Saturday morning. At 10 a.m., we held a riders meeting in the front parking lot of the resort to go over plans for the day’s riding through northern Arkansas. We divided into two riding groups with different routes and points of interest. This helped solve some of the problems with keeping a very large group together and safe on the curvy roads.

One group went southeast of Eureka Springs down through Boxley to see the wild herds of Elk, and had one cross the road in front of the lead bike before joining the rest of the herd in a clearing down the hill from the road. The other group traveled more northwest, crossing the old wooden suspension bridge at Beavertown on the way to the old flour mill at War Eagle that is still powered by a waterwheel. In true biker fashion, a member of our crew flashed all the tourists at the mill through a second floor window. The group then continued on to a small brewery that was having a crawfish boil, a live band, and samples of their brews.

Both riding groups returned to Eureka Springs on a section of the Pig Trail. People broke into smaller groups to go shopping downtown, eat dinner at various restaurants, or whatever they wanted to do for the remainder of the afternoon. This was followed by everyone gathering back at the resort for another night of partying with friends around the bonfire and hot tub.

As everyone gathered to head home on Sunday morning, the weather became a factor and a few of us became rather damp riding home on Sunday, but it was a small price to pay for all the great riding and companionship enjoyed over the rest of the weekend. Everyone seems to already be asking when the next time is going to be, so a 5th Annual First Ride Party is in the plans for next April.