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2013 All-American Motorcycle Show - Awards Ceremony

Written by  March 1, 2013

Below are the winners of the 2013 All-American Motorcycle Show - Awards Ceremony, and make sure to also check out our Awards Ceremony Video (1 of 2) and Awards Ceremony Video (2 of 2)


2nd – Wayne Keeler

1st – Wayne Kozak


2nd – Randy VanMeter

1st – Danny Clark


2nd – Kate West

1st – Kristi Stennet

Dresser Mild

2nd – Anthony Hollinger III

1st – Joe Rooney

Dresser Street

2nd – Jeremy Nash

1st – Kent Byers

Sportster Mild

2nd – Tim Childers

1st – Tony VanMeter

XL Radical

2nd – Tony VanMeter

1st – John Sparks

Softail Mild FX

2nd David Reid

1st – John Shram

Softail FX Street

2nd – Hellraisers fabrication- Wayne Dilday Sr.

1st – Steve Miller

Softail FL Mild

2nd – Nicholas Wampler

1st – Charlie Cook

Softail FL Street

2nd – Tony McMackin

1st-Ted Haase

Dyna FX Mild

1st Rick Trumble

Dyna FX Street

1st – Roger Taylor

Pre Evo Mild

1st – Steve Miller

Big Twin Radical – Rigid

2nd –Chris Butterfield

1st – Ken Orem

Big Twin Radical Softail

1st – John Rodecap

Production Custom

2nd – Roger Lumley

1st – Kevin McCarthy


1st – Forrest Oneal

Antique Custom

2nd – Mark Kozak

1st – Mark Kozak

Big Twin Radical Rubber

1st – John Sparks

Dresser Full

2nd – Ron Shryock

1st – Turkey Creek-Kevin Berry

Ultimate Bagger Mild

2nd – Dan Dalrymple

1st – Donnie Houk

Ultimate Bagger Radical

2nd – Turkey Creek – Paul Harper

1st – Turkey Creek – Denny Smith

Best Engine: Kevin McCarthy

Best Paint: Donnie Houk

Best Display: Ron Shryock

Best of Show: Turkey Creek- Denny Smith

(Team Gail’s) Employee Bikes

3rd – Aaron West

2nd – Robin Thiem

1st – Chris Cardello


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