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Zac Riders M/C 2013 Breakout Rally at Worth Harley-Davidson – Kansas City, Missouri

Written by  May 1, 2013

Saturday March 30, 2013 Worth Harley-Davidson hosted the Zac Riders Motorcycle Club’s 2012 Breakout Rally. The event centralized around a Ride-in Bike Show and Bike Audio Contest with winners receiving very generous Worth Harley-Davidson gift cards in the amounts of $1000 for 1st places, $500 for 2nd places and $250 for both 3rd place winners. I was fortunate enough to place 2nd in the bike audio portion.

This exciting night started at 7 p.m. and went until 1 a.m. Approximately 800 people attended the multicultural event, which consisted of over 300 bikes. At least 25 different local motorcycle clubs were represented very heavily.

This event was a blast, and special thanks goes to Worth Harley-Davidson for donating the location and Worth employees for logistical assistance. Worth also presented the crowd with two adult beverage bars with the beautiful Worth Girls serving these cold refreshing drinks. Worth Harley-Davidson’s Event Center provided hot food throughout the evening as a DJ rocked the stage and kept the event buzz flowing.

During the ride-in bike show and audio contest, some of Kansas City’s baddest big wheel baggers represented strong, as 26” wheels were abundant. And don’t forget the stereos were pushing up to 3000 watts, loud and clear.

Zac Riders M/C Kansas City Chapter presented the event with all proceeds going to the adoption of several families in the Kansas City area during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013. Last year’s attention focused on local group homes. During this special night, Zac Riders were represented by approximately 100 members of their KC Chapter and of their Omaha, Nebraska National Chapter and including honorary members. Zac Riders annually present 2 major and many smaller events throughout each year to support their contributions within the community.

To summarize this great vibe that went on this early spring evening, some very dedicated M/C members started the year off right by helping others and having a great time doing so.