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15th Annual Spring Thunder Beach Rally - Panama City Beach, Florida

Written by  June 1, 2013

It’s May, time for spring, (for some this year, it was more of a Spring-Snow event), time for the Kentucky Derby, and time for the spring Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Mother Nature decided to throw a kink into this rally as well. We spoke with friends Mike and Cindy Marsh on Thursday, May 2, the day after the rally officially kicked off and their third day down there, thinking they had the beach kinda to themselves up to that point, which they did, but they said the weather had been crap the whole time. Other friends who rode down Thursday got a little wet on the trip and on the beach after arriving, leaving some of the first-time-to-the-rally folks calling home to say that there really was “Thunder” and a little lightning and RAIN on the beach!

Friday, another of our friends rode down with a church group and got wet! Not surprising; it rained off and on until mid-day Saturday!

All of the vendors were at their respective places, and the “mini” events (bike shows, Ms. Thunder Beach, etc.) managed to take place for the most part, but the most exciting thing was the long-awaited opening of the new Panama City Beach Harley-Davidson store! Yea!!!! For some, that was one of the best parts of the rally.

Most came away thinking the weekend sucked (ONLY because of the weather), but not everyone thought that. There were those like the couple from north Alabama, Jennifer and John Newman, who got married at Rocket Harley-Davidson in Huntsville, Alabama, then went on to honeymoon at Thunder Beach. When asked what their thoughts on the weekend were, they said it was beautiful, they had a wonderful time, and the weather was beautiful. I love it! I really hope their marriage stays blissfully unaware of the crappy stuff!

Well this is going to be short story as there wasn’t a whole lot to write home about. Hopefully the fall rally will see better weather. A special thanks goes to Mike and Cindy Marsh, who endured the longest and endeavored the most to come up with the pictures that we are using for this article.

Photos by Mike and Cindy Marsh (Pinson, Alabama)